Jul 152014
So Where is Denwa Backwater Escape Resort ?

Resort Review: Stay at Denwa Backwater Escape  Pugdundee Safaris The driver who picked us from Itarsi railway station was calling the resort to confirm that he has picked us up. I could overhear him, “OK, so I will call you once I reach the Big Banyan Tree” In the remote hamlet, the Big Banyan tree turned out as the largest landmark before you reach the last stretch of the dirt track on the way to Denwa Backwater Resort. Now if you are like our neighbors ( who are pretty nice people actually), you too may ask “ Denwa Backwaters? , where [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Apr 082014
The Frog and The Princess: A Fairy tale told again

The Princess who saved a frog:  A Modern day fairy tale Once upon a time there was a little girl, her mother called her “Sona” her granny called her “Guddo”, and her dad called her “Princess” Of all the names the little girl loved was “ Princess”, everything else for her was immaterial, so she always failed to react  when somebody called her with one of her other names.  “ Guddo, lower the volume of your TV, I am praying”…. Granny will scream, but Guddo would be busy being Princess, in a fairy tale of her own. “Sona,  drink [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jul 182013
My First Snake picture in the Wild

Picture Of A Wild Water Snake Though I have always been scared of snakes as a person, as a Photographer I have always wanted to click pictures of a snake in wild, though from a distance. IT is not easy for a common man to know if the snake is poisonous or not hence my respect and fear for the snakes.  For most of us a snake is dangerous kind of animal. But surprisingly most of the snakes are harmless to humans and have their own role to play in nature by Eating rats they help farmers Are an [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Apr 132013
Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

    This is my first entry for Weekly Photo Challenge with the Theme Change. Change has many meanings as per the zen masters Change is the only constant. So here is my first entry for the Weekly Photo challenge :   I am putting here a picture of a male sparrow with a feather in  his beak. The feather is for building the nest, which signifies the biggest change in any life i.e. the process of starting a family, building a nest, change of seasons and change or responsibilities. Suddenly from a free bird ( pun intended), the male sparrow [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Apr 122013
Guess The Famous Temple In India - Quizz for Skywatch

Can  You Guess The Famous Temple in Picture Hi Everybody,  I thought of asking a small quiz with this photo today.  You need to guess the name of this famous temple in India that has been photographed here. It may be difficult for people not living in India, but for most travelers in India it should be easy based on some of the clues I am giving below.  All of you are welcome to use Google for search. Do read the complete post to know about the gift the right answer can get you.   First let me narrow down [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]