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How the Royals Dined in Hyderabad

The Nizam of Hyderabad was known as one of the richest man on earth during his time. He probably still is, considering his vast wealth spread around Hyderabad and surrounding towns.  I got a glimpse of his Royal Highness’s lifestyle a few days back when I visited the Chowmalla Palace in Old Hyderabad, just behind the Charminar near Lad Bazaar.

While a more detailed post is in the works here is a glimpse of some of the Royal Cutlery, that I clicked.

Royal Dining set Chowmalla Palace

Royal Dining sets at Chowmalla Palace Hyderabad

As you can see they are made from finest China and crystal ware imported from Europe, probably custom-made with no other similar set anywhere else in the world.  The bowl in the front you see has real gold work on it and the crystal is the best ever made. Royalty did had it  perks 🙂

It was very difficult to take pictures in the room as it was not very well-lit and using a flash would have given a washed out picture. Also there was a lot of  people movement in the room around the table, with everybody trying to get a peek at a piece of Royalty. So I just waited for the visitors to leave the room patiently and finally I had my moment when I was able to click without any limb or legs peeking into the picture.

Lesson learned: Patience pays!  I hope you like the picture of the royal cutlery from the Nizam’s era.

The palace is private property and is very well maintained by the staff there.

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  1. Great shot! Royal indeed…

  2. that is so royal 🙂

  3. Wow. Great picture – and you made me wanna go and visit that part of India now. Thanks for sharing. And yes.. so true- patience pays..:-)

  4. Oh wow! Look at that amazing collection of cutlery. And real gold work?! It’s a treasure indeed! Amazing find, DT!

  5. Such a gorgeous waste of money.

  6. Wow.. that picture is spectacular !! Truly an amazing lifestyle.. sigh. I need to go win half a dozen lotteries.

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