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Book Review of “A Tigress Called Machhli” – By A Young Reader


We live in a world where the art of storytelling is at an all-time low while jumping high to post online is called content creation. Ok, I don’t want this post to be a rant but I miss good books that recreate a world that we are decimating one jungle at a time, sometimes due to our foolishness but mostly due to our greed. Now if you talk about books that can cater to young minds without being preachy or academic yet giving a strong message of hope, love, and respect for our fellow planet dwellers then there are very few, well at least that this blogger is aware of.

So in this scenario ” A Tigress Called Machhli and other true animal stories from India” by Supriya Sehgal reintroduce you with the art of storytelling. Upon learning about the book I immediately wanted to read it and share it with my kids especially the younger one, who we fondly call Pinkette.  While I am suitably impressed with the book and will suggest you to go ahead and read it and share it with any young readers you may know I will let my younger one do the review of this book as she is the one who finished it before me and has recently returned from Corbett from a school trip.

book review of A Tigress Called Machhli by a 10 year old

A Tigress Called Machhli – Is the art of storytelling at its best


Over to our young reader  and here review :


A tigress called Machhli” is a book by author Supriya Sehgal. The book gets its name from the most thrilling true story about a ferocious tigress who kills a crocodile for the safety of her cubs. My dad bought this book for me. I couldn’t wait to read it as I love animals and anything related to animals interests me.   It is an awesome book filled with lots of interesting and true stories from all over India. From ferocious tigress to gentle birds, it has stories about almost every animal. Has one ever heard of a vegetarian crocodile or an animal that is a mix of a tiger and a lion? Yes, all those who have read this book. all the stories in this book fascinated me. Read this book and trust me you will be sure to like it. This book also has a story about a mule trapped in war but walks back the 20 kilometers back to get home. One story in this book about a ferocious tigress that kills a crocodile! Yes, a crocodile. amazing isn’t it? The story that amazed me the most is one about a little boy who raises two leopards called Runa and Kata.  In the story A City of Storks you learn about city storks make a lot of noise, the people living there thought of driving these storks out but realized that it is their home too. A lesson all of us can learn that we share the earth with animals and birds. This book is all about animals and how we should take care of them. Animals are a lot smarter than we think they actually are. Each animal included in this book has its own importance. Most of the characters in this book are animals but some humans also are there who are almost as nice as animals.

A Tigress Called Machhli and Other True Animal Stories from India by [Sehgal, Supriya]

Back to daddy dear 🙂


The book is available here at  Amazon >  A Tigress Called Machhli is definitely worth a read and gifting to young readers you may know of. On a personal front what I liked the most is that the stories are real, both the animals and humans are the everyday characters who are presented in a very believable way using stories that make the process enjoyable and brings a smile on your face.

To know more about Supriya check her personal website >  Supriya Sehgal

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  1. I agree that the art of story telling is fading slowly. The way you depicted the story brings back the memories of my childhood.
    Curious to read the entire story. Will soon get this book ordered, cannot wait!

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