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June 2019 Wallpaper Calendar -Rainbow At Supertree Grove Singapore

Hello June, how hot you plan to be?

Well, I guess a lot and let us brace for the heat wave but also pray for some showers, just like that day when I was in Singapore and got lucky with this rainbow over Supertree grove and I got my image for the June 2019 Wallpaper Calendar. So dear travelers you are welcome to download your free June  2019 Wallpaper Calendar with a rainbow over Supertree Grove Singapore.

Here is the backstory about clicking this Rainbow image for the June 2019 Wallpaper Calendar

The evening started with rains, making our plans go haywire. But we still decided to take a chance and venture out. L How do you expect to see a “Rainbow” if you are not willing to get wet? A small price to pay to see the most perfect rainbow I have ever seen. I kind of instinctively knew that this image will make to the desi Traveler Calendar, so here it is, another example of that you need to get out and photograph if you want to get lucky with your images. 

BTW check my blog post about the Sound and Light Show at SuperTree Grove Singapore

Free Download June  2019 Wallpaper Calendar Rainbow Supertree Grove Singapore

June 2019 Wallpaper Calendar Rainbow at Supertree Grove Singapore



This month I am sharing only one file size of the image that is 2100 px wide at the long edge as there are some technical difficulties I am facing. But with the large size you can simply save it in your preferred configuration. The two images you see are the same images but hosted on two different servers, as I need to experiment which one works better. Please feel free to give your suggestions about how I can continue to share the calendar with you in different sizes. Earlier I was hosting images on Flickr but off late Flickr has changed so many policies that I don’t find it useful to share images there plus the downtime has also increased so I don’t want to take chances with Flickr.

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