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May 2018 desi Traveler Digest

Bison in Wyoming

American Bison Captured By desi Traveler – Manali

Hello dear reader, welcome to the May edition of desi Travel digests where we travel along with desi Travelers from around the world. As the mercury in northern hemisphere touches new highs let us embark on a journey that takes you on a journey with the candid camera of our travelers.

As always in this edition of desi Traveler digest, we have some new travelers & photographers and some of our veteran travelers return with some interesting images and stories that go with them.

Our first image captures both the heritage & day to day life in India. We have UNESCO world heritage sites like  The Taj Mahal right next to us surrounded by people who continue to live there life surrounded by these priceless treasures. This image of  Taj Mahal with a boy carrying some twigs in his hand captures the essence of our living heritage in a subtle yet firm manner. The image is captured by Dipanwita Chakraborty 

Our second image for the May digest is again by a regular desi Traveler Ayushi Yadav and she captures this fleeting moment from the narrow lanes of Old Amritsar. Notice how an old man sits stills while a youngster on a bike vrooms past.
Our next traveler is Moon, and she shares some images that take you to a camping site somewhere in North East India. There is no denying that camping is one of the best ways to be one with nature and to be able to see and visit places that would otherwise not be possible.  I hope we retain these places in their pristine glory
Next, we have Arunima showcasing us some of the highest mountains in the world covered with permanent snow, clicked from an airplane window.
Next, let us go to the colorful city/state of Pondicherry with Sushmita Sarkar, and she captures this bright and beautiful moment from the former French dominion.
The next feature is a small video from Toronto by Meena Thiruvengadamshe takes us to the view of the Toronto TV tower from the island but I was more hooked up to the bird songs that you can hear in the background. Enjoy listening to these chirping sounds in this short but sweet video by Meena.
A special thanks must go to Rupam Da for the picture of this historical Church from Guwahati in Assam. If you are not following Rupam Sarma then you don’t know what you are missing for he is one of the rare people from North East India who regularly shares glimpses of day to day life in Assam and surrounding places.
Let us meet Kunal Malhotra aka The Mobile Photographer, who shares this beautiful click that he captured using his mobile phone, once again proving that a skilled photographer can capture good images even by using a mobile camera.
Naman Kumar has recently started his blog – The Wild Passage, though he has been sharing his images on Instagram for some time. He is an engineer who quit his job to travel !!! Here to Naman Kumar and his blog the very best of travels in the coming time.
This next image rekindled my Hyderabad memories and all the time I have spent in the bylanes next to Charminar from Mecca Masjid to Laad Bazar and the Chowmalla Palace etc. Here  Arpa Ghosh captures a reflection of Charminar and a few Hyderabadis in a puddle.
Next two images are by Parul Thakur, sharing images from different parts of India but with the common theme of every day desis. First one is a smiling man from Rajasthan and the second one is a girl going to school on a bicycle.  Notice the color-coordinated saree and bicycle that immediately caught my attention and I am guessing the Photographer also had the same thing in mind.  Maybe she will comment when she reads this post? Don’t you love middle India where girls can still go to school/college on a bicycle?
The last image in this post is definitely one of my favorite images in this blog post, well technically all are my favorites that is why they are here. maybe be this one is The Favoritest ( No I don’t give a foota paisa if there is a word or not like Favoritest, remember we are desis ? We invent our own lingua franca…). Our regular desi traveler Manali takes us to Wyoming and brings us face to face with this magnificent Bison. You can’t miss the strength and muscularity of the Bison, even when it looks toyish compared to the vast landscape shrouded in mysterious clouds/mist rising from the wild brook, you still cannot but notice how muscular the bison is. Add to that that this is right next to a highway and you are like OMG !!!


With this I would like to thank all the wonderful photographers and travelers who have shared their images using the #desiTraveler hashtag. Do visit their Instagram accounts and give them some Insta Love. 

Future Plans:  I need some ideas from  the participating photographers and other readers of desi Traveler blog.  I am thinking of going for theme based digest going forward.  E.g the theme for June digest will be  – “Summers” and for the July digest will be “ Rains. The process to participate remains the same. Keep on adding your images to Instagram using #desiTraveler, but I will try to pick maximum images that match the theme so for June an image that matches the theme of Summers will be given preference. Also in order to increase participation, you can retag your old images also. But as searching these images may be a bit tough it will be a good idea to DM me on Instagram that you have added an image or tag me to the same for immediate attention.


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Comments (8)
  1. After all the interesting, more untouched places I found India quite cheap and not so touristy. Seems a great plae to spend weekend

  2. Oops! Looks like my first comment got lost in spam 🙁

    First of all, big thank you for including my two of my photos. Every time you select them (this is 2nd time), I have this BIG feeling of recognition. The late adapter in photography I am, I don’t know how am I doing. So this means a lot! Thank you!

    Second, while you are right that the color of the saree and the bicycle are such a match, I loved the fact that in India, we are never bogged down by what one is wearing. Whether it is Jainsum in Meghalaya or a Mekhala in Assam, our girls are going to school. Education matters and nothing else. 🙂

    • Hi Parul… your first comment is there, it was in the queue as comments are manually approved on desi traveler due to large number of spammers targeting the site. Sometimes I take time to manually check them and give a go ahead.

      Thanks for coming back and explaining your thought process behind the picture. It is always good to know what story the photographer had in mind as that makes the photo even more interesting & personal.

  3. Thank you for featuring two of my pictures this month, Prasad! I feel so good every time you pick one of my images. It’s like my little success. About the girl on the bicycle, the thing that struck me was the fact that our girls are going to school. Children need to get education and when I spotted this girl ina Saree I felt, dress isn’t bar when it comes to pushing way forward. The culture and education is a fine combination. Isn’t it? 🙂

    • Yes, the dress is a local thing but overcoming the centuries-old prejudices is a national phenomenon and our girls are doing great breaking one glass ceiling after another. More power to the girls who are going ahead chasing their dreams overcoming all obstacles ….. Thanks for explaining about the picture…

  4. Great to saw beautiful pics and stories.
    Thank you so much for featuring my click in your desiTraveler Digest. Greetings from Assam

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