Apr 092021

Images are traveling far and wide 


So this is a different kind of post. I have been  trying to reach out to the admins of a few sites that have been constantly using my images and posts every single time I write a blog post As soon as I post a new image or article  on desi Traveler blog it is immediately stolen by these websites that have all stolen content. The reason they do are many folds

  1. They get free content without doing any work
  2. They make revenue via adsense as well as affiliate networks by getting traffic to there site that runs on totally stolen content from websites and blog like desitraveler.com 
  3. As they keep on adding content on there website there site starts ranking higher.

The worst part is even when I contacted the webmaster of these sites, via email, social media and even commenting on the posts that they have stolen from me they have never bothered to get back to me or remove the content. Now if these were big sites I may have gone for a legal case hiring a  lawyer but  as of now I am just trying to get there attention and get my images removed, that they are using in violation of Indian as well as international Intellecual property laws, that govern copyright etc. While I am keeping the option to send them a legal notice open I came with this idea of creating this post. That should get the attention of these webmasters who are living off  hard work of other people. Please check the image below, that I clicked on a flight to Ladakh,  besides watermark I have added a big caption in the middle of the post that > This image has been stolen from desitraveler.com. So dear reader if you are seeing this post anywhere else except on the original and uslee desiTraveler.com, then for sure you are reading stolen image. However if you are reading this post on your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler blog then you need not worry please enjoy and do share this post in your social media network.

Image stolen via RSS

Flight to Ladakh

Here are some of the recent posts that have been stolen by multiple websites without any permission from me.  > January 2021 Wallpaper Calendar, February 2021 Wallpaper Calendar, March 2021 Calendar Wallpaper etc. I hope with this post I will get the attention of the webmasters as well as there readers who will realise that they have been patronising a website that thrives on leaching the work of other bloggers. So far I have been ignoring these websites that were stealing my images, but since this is really impacting the traffic and ranking of desiTraveler.com due to SEO reasons, I think it is fair enough to put out this post.  Also note that this post is not targeted at any one thief, but only to those who are stealing my images. So dear reader once again I want your attention > If you are reading this post on desi Traveler blog / social media then  you are fine but if you are reading this on any other website besides desi Traveler, then rest assured this post and image are stolen without any permssion from my side. And if you are anyways reading the content of desi Traveler, how about leaving the site that steals images and articles and visiting the real and Uslee desi Traveler.   

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  2. Its really sad, people like you work hard to get the information for your readers, but some people want it for free without any effort. Please find out ways and means to protect your content and images. Water mark, you have already mentioned in your post is good option to protect your images. You can mention a legal warning also in footer or header of your website. All the best

  3. It is indeed a problem that people stoop down to such low levels and plagiarise content and steal photos. It is also quite difficult to keep a track of who all are doing so. That is the downside of the internet. Hope your new idea works. Or a watermark on the photographs can also work to some extend.

  4. this is truly an epic tour awesomely described

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