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May 2021 Wallpaper Calendar – Kyrgyzstan Eagle Hunter

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Prayers and Positive vibes for all those fighting COVID


First things first: The above image is not the May 2021 Wallapaper Calendar. There are actually 2 reasons why the cover image of this post is not the montly calendar image for May 2021 Wallpaper Calendar. I am posting the first image with prayers and positive vibes for all those who are fighing  COVID. It is a long and painful battle and the images / news etc. we are watching are from painful to horrible.  Unfortunatley most of us can’t do much, but we can all do a few things

  • Stay at home and do not go out unless absolutely necessary
  • Wear masks even when you are interacting for a short duration with anybody who does not lives with you e.g a vendor who comes with grocery supplies etc.
  • Do not spread false news.
  • As much as possible verify any helpline number/ oxygen / medicine source etc. before sharing it on social media. No point in just blindly forwarding numbers that may not exist or have changed etc.

So with prayers and positive vibes for all those fighting COVID  – our Doctors, healthcare staff, patients, there families etc. I welcome the month of May 2021 and hope that May will see a drop in the COVID cases and a stablization of our healthcare system. A big salute to our Doctors, Healthcare Staff, Volunteers etc. who are all working round the clock to win this war with COVID

Now coming back to the May 2021 Wallpaper Calendar 

There is an other reason why the image is not the first image in this post, you may want to read this earlier post where I shared how some websites regulalry steal my images and articles without permission. So hopefully those webmasters will get my message and will stop stealing the same. Earlier I had never worried too much about the same as I felt that the time and effort needed to chase these websites was too much. But since this year I am sharing images of other photographers ( with permission ), I think it is my duty to make sure I try to prevent any unothorised use of there images on sites other than desi Traveler.

About the May 2021 Wallpaper Calendar

The May 2021 Wallpaper Calendar features an Eagle hunter from the central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan. Not many people from India visit this beautiful country and unfortunatley I have missed more than one chance to visit Kyrgyzstan with Arun Bhat who has beautifully shot this image when he visited this country that still have retained some of the old world charm that you read about in stories of the old silk route that connected Kyrgyztan to other central asian countries like Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and then further to China.

May 2021 Wallpaper Calendar Eagle hunter in Central Asia Kyrgystan

Eagle Hunter in Kyrgystan – Image by Arun Bhat – May 2021 Wallpaper Calendar


You are welcome to download, print, and share the May 2021 Wallpaper Calendar on social media, but please do not use these images for any kind of commercial purpose as they are copyrighted to the photographer – Arun Bhat.

As always the monthly calendar is available in 3 Sizes

2100 Px wide

1600 Px wide

1024 Px wide


Do check his amazing work on his website >  Painted Stork  

Which will also take you to his travel blog > India Travel & Photography Blog  

Which is one of the earlier travel and photography blogs in  India, long before calling once a Blogger and later Influencer became a thing.

And while you are reading this here is a Twitter thread to make your day > Check some amazing collection of images  of Horses of Central Asia that Arun has shared in this Twitter thread 🙂

Also, check more about Darter Photography here and specifically about Kyrgyztan here

Here are some interesting nuggets about Old Silk Road  



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