Jun 292015

Clicking Mercedes Benz for Frame The Star Contest

I am typing this post sitting next to a cosy fireplace in the end of June. No I am not kidding I am in Chikmagalur  hills famous for their coffee and black-pepper plantations. I am here in this beautiful bungalow all excited about this contest called “Frame The Star “, conducted by Better Photography magazine along with Mercedez Benz India.

The contest is very simple there are 3 stages, in stage one contestants submitted their car pictures to the magazine portal. A total of 30 participants were chosen for the second round. Some of them participated in Jaipur round which I missed as I was in Singapore.

So here I am in Chikmagalore covering the event as blogger. I am not one of the participant in the competition and that makes things even more fun as I join some of the best Indian photographers and learn by watching them clicking pictures. The best part is since I do not have any pressure to win the competition, I am enjoying the whole experience the most without any pressure on me.

We all reached Bangalore airport early morning and I have not slept last night as I had to reach airport at 4 in the morning to catch an early morning flight. Most of the journey from Bangalore to Chikamagalore I slept in the car only waking up when we stopped at this ancient Hoysala temple in a town called Hassan. As we reached Villa Urvinkhan (www.villaUrvinkhan) spread over 500 acres in picturesque hills.

Hoysala Temple Hassan

A Garuda idol at the Hoysala Temple

The excitement started when the first Mercedes-Benz arrived and I just clicked a few pictures from my cellphone. Can you imagine this here I am observing one of the most prestigious live photography competition in the country and I click pictures of one of the most stylist Mercs till date with cell phone.

Frame The Star Contest Better Photography Magazine

Frame The Star Contest

But then that is the excitement that a Mercedes-Benz creates you start clicking it for the car looks awesome from every angle you click her.

We took the car for some location hunting for tomorrow’s shoot, but I was not in the Mercedes but in the vehicle following it, but the moment we got a chance I clicked the pictures, again from my cellphone. Hopefully I will  click better pictures in the coming days as I will be here for some days watching the participants slog it out from 4 in the morning till 10 in night to click Mercedes allocated to them for the shooting.

So much is the excitement to frame the star in the participants that I saw one of them clicking a white Mercedes next to the poolside in the middle of night. Here is the picture I clicked next to the pool using again my cell phone.

Frame The Star Contest Mercedes Benz

Merc next to the pool

What is at stake: Well the winner will get to drive a Mercedes CLA for a year as first prize. From this round the judges ( I am not aware who they are ) will shortlist 3 finalist who will go on the next round in a drive cum photo shoot in the Himalayas.

frame the star competetion

Frame The Star: Who will win the competition ?

As the competition goes full throttle from tomorrow I will be posting more pictures and posts on the website of Better Photography Magazine, and you can check the posts directly there.  On the same link you will also find updates from the Jaipur round of the Frame The Star contest. So keep watching desi Traveler and Better Photography Magazine for more updates on the Frame the Star contest and some behind the scene happenings.

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  1. I saw this contest in my twitter timeline sometime back …. awww so lucky u are to able to be part of the event. Njoy and have a good time clicking, learning and giving updates 🙂

  2. Good luck for the competition.

  3. Wow! Must have been so much fun!!

  4. ooh! Dayyam cool! I’m sure you are enjoying every bit of this.
    All the best, DT!!!!!

  5. Good to know. Can you check with organizers how many lakhs winner should pay as Lease tax amount to keep the car for one year?

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