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July 2019 Wallpaper Calendar – Plain Tiger Butterfly Gurgaon


Hello July: If you can do just one thing please bring some rains to the parched dusty plains of North India. 

So dear reader welcome to the July 2019 Wallpaper Calendar from desi Traveler, this month we visit the wonderful Thousand Shades Butterfly Park Gurgaon, where I clicked this image of 2 Plain Tiger Butterflies.  As you can see even the plain Tiger Butterflies are a work of art by mother nature, and now imagine if you have hundreds of butterflies hopping from one flower to another in search of nectar and pollinating flowers then you can imagine what kind of magical place that would be.

Fortunately, I don’t have to go very far, as the Thousand Shades Butterfly Park is right here in our own dust and SUV capital of India.  I think I will keep this post about the July 2019 Wallpaper Calendar and will write a detailed post later about the Thousand Shades Butterfly Park. As of now I just want to inform you that if you are in Gurgaon then the Butterfly Park is a must visit. I will link Google Map at the end of this post if you are planning a visit.

Let us come back to the Plain Tiger Butterfly that adorns the July 2019 Wallpaper Calendar. Here in this image, you see these Plain Tiger Butterflies or African Queen, that is scientifically called Danaus chrysippus enjoying some nectar time on a flower called Ageratum.

Now the Ageratum plant is botanically named Conoclinium coelestinum and is classified as a wildflower or a weed depending on whom you ask. As for me give me a wildflower any day,  The Ageratum is a prolific self-seeding plant and grows in abundance in the Thousand Shades Butterfly park it is a great source of Nectar for butterflies and other pollinators and at any given time you may find 10-20 butterflies frolicking over a  patch of Ageratum. The other popular flowers among butterflies here are Lantana, Sunflowers, Vinca, Marigold, etc.

I hope this is enough Gyan for a day about Butterflies and the wildflowers of Gurgaon 🙂

Please go ahead and download your free copy of July 2019 Wallpaper Calendar that features Plain Tiger Butterfly or African Queen as my token of thanks for being a wonderful reader of my little chinna pilla, nikku pikku, Bunty or bubbly type blog desi Traveler.  

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Free Download July 2019 Wallpaper Calendar Plain Tiger Butterfly

Download your free July 2019 Wallpaper Calendar Plain Tiger Butterfly


I hope you like the July 2019 Wallpaper Calendar, you are more than welcome to download, print and share further as per your wish. I know there are millions of blogs out there and I cannot thank you enough that you chose to read this one 🙂 

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