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Let us see how Jugaad is the real Hero of Indian Innovation
Some time back I posted on how to do Macro Photography using Desi Jugaad, so one of my American friends wanted to know what exactly a Jugaad is. I actually did not have an answer as Jugaad is Jugaad that is the beauty of Jugaad. Loosely translated it means to innovate, improvise, to fix something (e.g. a broken chair or a deal with a corrupt Neta or babu i.e. politician or bureaucrat) I actually like the part to fix a deal, as that captures the real essence of Jugaad. Now when I think of it long ago there was an ad campaign for something that highlighted India as a nation of Jugaad and none other than Big B had featured in it.
I think the whole concept of Jugaad has been in India for centuries but it took prominence during the 70s and 80s when we were a nation deprived of simple necessities of life. To watch a movie you  had to stand in  line for hours, to get a phone connection you needed Jugaad right up to the telecom minister ( now you need that to get a telecom licence). So Jugaad has also evolved and is now at corporate level, I am sure Jamai Raja will agree. (All desis will understand who is The Jamai Raja! hint it is not poor Govinda).

Jugaad with diesel engine and wheels in India
Jugaad-Guts and All
 Anyways the real hero of the story is the vehicle improvised by the innovative Indian mechanic in the heartland of India. They produce this cheap vehicle that does not require registration with government does not need pollution under control certificate and never stops at traffic signals as brakes are prone to failure. But it costs less than USD 2000 or around 90000 INR to build (Mr. Tata has some serious completion here). From green fields of Punjab to deserts of Rajasthan, to the cape of Kanyakumari Jugaad is found everywhere in India though the name may differ e.g. Meen Body Vandi in Tamil Nadu.

A colorful Jugaad 4 wheeler used to take produce to take to market
Jugaad-Ready To Take Produce To Market
The technique is simple  and 100% Desi, unless apple is planning a law suite for something that violates iphone design ( may be the sound of horn OK Jee). You take a simple diesel pump to irrigate the field  fix it on a chassis, though in 4 tires  that need not be of same size add a seat and you are ready to rock and roll may be roll more and rock less. Add a trolley behind and you are ready to take your produce to the market. Add some garlands to the trolley and the baraat (marriage procession) is ready to go to the brides place. Cover the trolley with polythene and the bride and groom can even…, forget it this is a family friendly blog so let us move forward.

Here I am giving two pictures here one the bare bone, with its guts visible and the other a decorated one to give you an idea of Jugaad. What an idea sirjee!
 Hope you liked this Jugaad of a post. If you can here searching for the research work done on Jugaad Innovation please click here.
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  1. Jugaad over-romanticised can be dangerous. A lot of people seem to take pride in jugaad, in situations where they're basically avoiding hard work or proper process.

    • Right said Shovon…taken to the other extreme it can be dangerous…e.g..some of the accidents we see on roads are due to the same…thanks for pointing the other side. though this post is specifically with a focus on the vehicle named “Jugaad”

  2. Loved this post! Yes saw a lot of these in our road trip of Rajasthan!

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