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Around the world with desi Travel digest November 2017

Palace of Padmavati Chittorgarh Rajasthan

Padmavati Palace Chittorgarh – Rajasthan -Image by Lakshmi Sharath


Even if you did not step out of your home in November you would have heard about the Padmavati controversy. Everybody has their own theory or version, and as an average person, I have no means of knowing what is exact truth in this case. As my knowledge of both movies and history is limited, my interest in Queen Padmavati is totally travel related and nobody can deny the fact that Chittorgarh in Rajasthan is known as the fort where she lived and all the legends/facts/myths associated with Rani Padmavati are also related to the impregnable fort of Chittorgarh. So the cover picture of the November edition of desi Traveler digest is from the Chittorgarh Fort of Queen Padmavati fame but more on that later let me first take you through the other images that I am sharing on this edition of the travel digest, shared by wonderful travelers & photographers from both India & abroad.

So Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, LGBTs and Straights ( You will see later why I say this ) may I present to you the November edition of desi Travel digest crowd sourced from Instagram

Our very first image takes us to the happiest country in the world, The Kingdom of Smiles as I like to call it – Bhutan.  This image with a whiff of fresh mountain air and harmony of a freshly cut paddy field, shared by Seattle based Manali Mane takes you to Chimi Lhakhang a Buddhist monastery in Punakha District, Bhutan. And I am already wondering why I have never been to Bhutan.


Our next image is from East Sikkim, ( thankfully I have been to Sikkim through a long time ago ).  This image of Lampokhari Lake at Aritar of East Sikkim is shared by Sayanti Deb and while I am admiring the beauty of the lake I am also wondering how she may have taken this image. Did she went on a hike, did she used a drone, and I think an image that makes you think is a wonderful image in every sense

Neha Jain shares this next intriguing image from NH 33 Mango ( I am sure this Mango is not Aam ). The dilapidated window has so many untold stories, and the darkness of the inside of the grills makes you wonder does somebody lives in there or it is an abandoned house that had resonated with the laughter of the residents now long gone.

In our next image avid traveler & blogger, Umang Trivedi takes us to the Backwaters of Alleppey & captures a perfect reflection of life in the slow lanes where traffic means housewives going for weekly shopping in rowing boats and a duck farmer taking his ducks for some exercise in the waters. Alleppey is a highly recommended destination in Kerala perfect for a houseboat stay.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of this travel digest is nobody but your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler only jee. I have learned so many things ever since I started this digest that my bucket list is growing every minute. One look at this image by Anjali  & Neha, and I realized that I have not been to this hauntingly charming mausoleum of Humanyun aka Humayun’s Tomb, even though I have passed right in front of it countless time. Check out Travel Melodies, the Instagram account of Anjali  & Neha two full-time moms & part-time travelers who defy all travel conventions and share their journeys with us.

The next image in this travel digest is from across the border shared by King BT who is from Pakistan but seems to be living in Germany ( but I am not sure ). This is an image, I have no clear idea as to where it was clicked as King BT has given hashtags ranging from Mumbai, Karachi, Lahore & Turkey also. I will tag him on Instagram and check it out till that time do you want to take a guess? There are a couple of signboards in the picture that may help. No the bikini-clad girl in the fountain will not be of much help so stop checking her.

In next image Pogonophile Mayuresh Jadhav, shares this image from Kapeeleshwarswamy waterfall,  near holy town of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. I am sure that even if you have been to Tirupati to seek blessings of Lord Tirupati Balaji you have missed the Kapeeleshwarswamy waterfalls, just like me. And here is another challenge for you guess what is a Pogonophile without checking Google first. Hint: Even our Prime Minister is one.

Nancy Roberts our next traveler is totally my kind of traveler as she too travels with her family and if you are looking for tips on traveling with tweens, teens, young adults she is your go-to traveler. In this edition of desi Traveler digest, she shares this inviting image from Paxos one of the famed Greek Islands, known for Olive trees and leisurely pace of life.

From the cradle of western civilization Greece, let us go to our own Center of original excellence Nalanda in the erstwhile Magadh and now known as Bihar. Sushmita Sarkar makes a hat-trick here on the November travel digest and shares this image from Nalanda UNESCO heritage site in Bihar. There was a time when students of Philosophy, Buddhism, Astronomy, Mathematics and other complicated subjects studied in Nalanda and went back to there home countries ( yes countries ) with the knowledge gained.

Globally acclaimed Travel & Architectural Photographer Ajay Sood aka Travelure makes a short appearance once again on desi Travel digest with his haunting series on Auschwitz Memorial or Muzeum Auschwitz in Poland. This black & white series will take you back in those dark days and is a must visit photo-series for any serious history or photography enthusiast.

The next image is the reason I wrote  LGBTs & Straights when I was introducing this post. This strong image of defiance of societal norms in broad daylight is a powerful symbol of the incremental though moving at a glacial pace but inevitable change that our society is going through with the resilient LGBT community asserting itself in the Times of Cow. Kudos to Priyanka Sachar aka Twilight Fairy to click and share this image. Travel Photography is much more than just visiting places and sharing selfies and this is one such image that blurs the boundaries between documentary & travel imagery.

The next image once again from the fort and palace of Rani Padmavati takes you to Chittorgarh is shared by travel blogging pioneer Lakshmi Sharath.  When we are going through a phase when jumping in front of famous monuments, shoving selfies on timelines and disrobing in front of the camera is considered Travel blogging & photography Lakshmi is one of those rare writers whom you should read to learn the lost art of storytelling. Check her story on the Padmavati & Chittorgarh to know more.

And in our last image ( Or is it a painting ? ) of the digest, we have the featured traveler of this month Lakshmi Sharath herself on the Yallingup beach near Perth in Western Australia.

Dear reader with this we come to an end of the November 2017 edition of the desi Travel digest. Big thanks to all the wonderful photographers & travelers who have kindly shared their images with #desiTraveler so that I can easily find them on Instagram. If you would like me to feature/share your images here on desi Traveler blog just follow @desiTraveler on Instagram and use #desiTraveler in your Insta images.

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  1. Another great collection.
    And you’ve become quite the curator. 🙂

    (Btw, I dunno keep forgetting to use that hashtag!!! ) 😀

  2. Thank you so much for the feature 🙂 I’m humbled and inspired at the same time. Lovely shots by the fellow travelers!

  3. Love the collection. Each better than the other and so hard to pick one.

  4. Lovely pictures. The window picture and Sikkim lake, I loved the most.

  5. Beautiful selection of the featured images. Loved the way you have narrated those photos. And thank you, so much, Prasad, for featuring my image.

  6. Thank you so much for making me the featured traveller and for sharing some of my pictures too..Some of the pictures shared by the other featured travellers are brilliant and I so want to travel to these destinations

  7. Thanks for the inclusion… The Auschwitz series is close to my heart… And, lovely roundup, btw!

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