Nov 142017

 Win A 2018 desi Traveler Annual Limited Edition Calendar


Contest Win 2018 Travel Calendar Free

2018 desi Traveler Calendar Contest- Are you ready for it?


Like most things on desi Traveler, the annual Travel Calendar Contest is also a bit delayed ( OK delayed a lot ), but I am aware of the same and in order to make up for the lost time I am upping the ante and we are going full throttle asap.

While 2017 has been a wonderful year in all aspects,  on travel front I decided to take it easy & spent more time on consolidating things that require my physical presence in the city. This meant I had to say no to many a trip but it was a conscious decision and I hope to stick to the same and only accept assignments that either pay very well or have something unique to offer to me for the time and effort I put into them. Anyways thanks to the wonderful readers of desi Traveler blog we are now ready with the annual desi Travel Calendar and as always there is nothing to buy all you need to do is follow Desi Traveler on one or more of the social media. Given a choice may I suggest think about Instagram as it seems everybody is focusing on Instagram nowadays.

So the only mandatory thing you have to do is either you should be already following me on Instagram or follow me now on Instagram Rest everything is optional BUT increases your chances of winning. Please note you will have to use the widget to login your entry.

GRAND PRIZE:  This year I am adding a Grand prize and the winner not only gets the Calendar but they actually get 2 copies one for home and one for Office or two gifts it to somebody they care about plus they also get a large Poster of any picture on my blog that they like  ( clicked by me, not from guest photographers) and a Coffee / Tea Mug with their favorite picture printed on it.

The GRAND PRIZE Winner will be chosen from the 10 winners, yes this year we will have 10 winners but one of them will be the Grand Prize winner. Since the widget does not allow the Grand Prize winner we will do it manually. By God kee Kasam we will do it honestly also. 

THE WIDGET WILL BE LIVE DURING THE CONTEST PERIOD till midnight of 15 December -2017


Annual Travel Calendar Contest Alert: Win 2018 desi Traveler Calendar


IMPORTANT: Even if you already follow desi Traveler on various social media to take part in the contest just click once again in the widget for registering your entry for the competition. If you have any questions you can put them in comments below or use the Contact form to send them.


So what are you waiting for? I wish you a wonderful 2018 in advance and look forward to you participating and sharing this blog post. 

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Some important dates to WIN 2018 Calendar

  1. Last date of entry: 15 December 2017 till midnight as per Indian Standard Time
  2. Winner announcement: On or before 18th of December 2017
  3. Total number of winners: 10, Grand Prize Winner 1 – Grand Prize Winner will be chosen manually and you will have to trust me on that 

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🙂 🙂 🙂


  21 Responses to “Annual Travel Calendar Contest Alert: Win 2018 desi Traveler Calendar”

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  1. Ye hui na baat! But your widget troubles a lot. I have to try several times.
    Anyway, all the best. Your photos are always gorgeous. And right now I can see Nagaland’s couple on my calendar. 🙂

  2. Done all. Biggest wish to win this contest. Finger crossed tightly.

  3. Thought I will enter this year 😀

  4. Badhiya hai, Prasad Babu… Badhiya hai!

  5. A great idea… can I still participate ?

  6. Can’t wait to see who’s going to get it this time. And wow! Mega prize sounds like a great addition. *Fingers crossed*

  7. That time of the year once again!
    Happy 2018 in advance to desitraveler – the blog, and desitraveler — the blogger.

  8. Looks like a beautiful calendar!

  9. Prasad, is it also available for sale?

  10. Great, Loved your #desi2018Calendar contest. Best wishes.

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