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Staying in a Tree House in Rain-forest in Kerala: Wayanad district

Book Kerala TourWe men are a little choosy when it comes to growing up. We choose very carefully the rare occasion when we like to act like grown up men. Most of our life we choose to remain boys, be it mama’s boys or reincarnation of Mowgli. There is a little bit of Mowgli in me who wants to climb trees, jump holding vines, chase squirrels, make faces at macaques sitting on a branch higher than me, and have my own personal sunset from my balcony in my own Tree House.

On reaching Wayanad at our abode for 2 nights the Vythri Resorts, one of our #KeralaBlogExpress member bloggers Gaia Calheiros, who is visiting us from Brazil was offered a Tree house to stay. Truth be told I was jealous of her, and I am pretty sure others in the team were also curious about the Tree House. Though Gaia had to check out of the Tree House next morning, we got a tour of the same with the Sales and Marketing Head of the resort Mr. Roy Chacko.

I was excited as an closet Mowgli would be to get a chance to see a tree house. The Tree houses are in an exclusive section of the resort and you have a jeep on call to take you and bring back from the tree house. Though the ride lasts just a few minutes on the dirt track, you are soon transported to the land of Mowgli and Tarzan in first gear on  steep incline.

When we reached the first Tree house I could not see it as it was surrounded by the great canopy of Nature’s Skyscrapers the strangler fig trees. But the first glimpse of the Tree house majestically sitting on top of the canopy of evergreen rain-forests of Wayanad was a sight to remember. Glowing in the evening sun, the Tree house appeared like a jewel in the crown of the tree.

Tree house rain forest canopy

The Tree house on top of strangler fig was glowing in evening sun

Tree House Rain forest India hotel

Tree house above the canopy of rain forest in Wayanad

The Vythri Resort, management had just completed the periodic maintenance of the tree house and one could see the new ropes, and smell the paint.

stairs climbing tree house resort hotel rainforest

Climbing the stairs to the tree house

We took the metal stairs, then a very wobbly Burma Bridge to reach the house that dreams of young boys, and refusing to grow up men are made of.

Burma bridge to tree house rain forest resort

Burma Bridge to reach Tree house

While standing on the platform I looked below the floor of the rain forest, but I could not see much because of the gurgling sound of a wild brook flowing below. I could imagine how the stream would look from top in monsoon, when it was mumbling in march, I am sure during monsoon it will be full of energy and much bigger.

Anthony  and Roy Chacko on Burma bridge to tree house

Anthony our official photographer and Mr. Chacko on the way to Tree House

Inside the tree house was a luxurious king size bed, with a net, reminiscent of old Bollywood movie made by the dream merchants during their hay days. Right next to the bed was a huge branch piercing the floor and vanishing in the roof.

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King Size bed in Tree House

The tree houses have been made around the trees, making sure natural growth of the trees is not hindered.

Balcony view tree house rain forest waynad

Tree house balcony view

But the biggest surprise was an absolutely modern attached bathroom with running water and shower cubicle, the water in the stream comes from a perennial upstream source using gravity, so no need to worry about nature’s call in the middle of nature.

Bathroom of Tree house in Rain forest Waynad

Bathroom of Tree house

Though it was a short trip just to click pictures and see the surroundings of the tree houses, I was hooked and am looking forward to stay in one of them some time soon.

Tree house lights electricity

The Tree house with lights

Tree house lights rainforest

Lights on the roof of Tree house

How To Book The Tree House: Please contact [email protected]

Here is the website of Vythri Resorts, whose pictures I am unable to do any justice as I took all the pictures in this post using my cell phone.

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  1. Nice Review. Wayanad Silverwoods is one among them which located near Banasura Sagar Dam in 16 acres. Recently it got ” Best Scenic Resort in South ” award.

  2. Nice post! Written in a detailed manner with beautiful pictures. Staying in a tree house in Wayanad is quite a unique experience and this is the best way to get acquainted with nature in its serene beauty.

  3. Fantastic place.

  4. Tree house is full fledged room.. good to know

  5. Wow! That was awesome, a visit is surely on the cards now 🙂
    Great Post…

  6. I know that feeling, when you see something exciting and you don’t have a camera that can do justice. Lovely pictures still and to stay here would be so much fun!

  7. Definitely an exciting place to spend a weekend.

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