May 212015
Human Elephant Conflict: Watching Wild Elephants in Wayanad Kerala

Wild Elephant Watching in Wayanad Kerala Wayanad in Kerala has some of the densest forests in India and is home to a variety of birds and animals. Though many of hills are stripped of their natural cover to make way for coffee and tea plantation there are still stretches where sunlight finds it arduous to reach the forest floor.  This belt of Wayanad, Mudumalai, Bandipur and nearby other national parks like Nagarhole, Kabini, Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary, BRT etc. are all part of Nilgiri Biosphere and  a very important biodiversity hotspot. National Geographic Magazine in one of its studies mentions [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Mar 312014
A Gandhian and a Plantation Homestay in Wayanad Kerala

The Gandhian Who runs a Plantation Homestay & promotes Eco Tourism in Wayanad The Azure sky above and the colorful attire of Kerala Express Bloggers are the only challengers to the monopoly of green during our plantation visit in Wayanad. We are touring a plantation that grows spices like Pepper, Areca nut, coffee, and fruits like coconut, banana and many more. The plants around me are showing stress due to a rain-less month, and at 34 degree Celsius, Wayanad is making a new high compared to the average of  30 degrees. We cross paddy fields that soon bow out to a serpentine [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Mar 222014
A Tree House in Wayanad Kerala- Hotel Review

Staying in a Tree House in Rain-forest in Kerala: Wayanad district We men are a little choosy when it comes to growing up. We choose very carefully the rare occasion when we like to act like grown up men. Most of our life we choose to remain boys, be it mama’s boys or reincarnation of Mowgli. There is a little bit of Mowgli in me who wants to climb trees, jump holding vines, chase squirrels, make faces at macaques sitting on a branch higher than me, and have my own personal sunset from my balcony in my own Tree House. On reaching [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]