Jun 112015

How to click wildlife if you do not have big lenses

We all love going back to nature and click some wildlife, specially the big cats the Tigers and Leopards in the jungles. But not all of us have big lenses that are needed to click wildlife from a safe distance that does not put you or the animal in any kind of harm.

Also one needs to remember that unlike professional wildlife photographers who spend a lot of time in wild life reserves, most of us go there once in a while only for a day or two, the rest of the time our gear is just lying idle So one needs to decide if one wants to buy a really long and expensive lens for those once in a year kind of trip to Wildlife sanctuaries.

But even if you do not have a long lens there are a few things you can do to capture wildlife only we need to increase our scope and get creative with our approach.  Here is what I do with my 55-300 mm lens to get all the wildlife pictures I can. I always believe rather than always trying to acquire the latest and the greatest gear I should try to use my current gear to the fullest before spending more and more money. The post that I am sharing here, appeared on the global site of Manfrotto and all the pictures in this post were clicked by All pictures in this post were clicked by Nikon D7000 body with a 55-300 Nikkor Zoom lens in VR mode.

Tiger Closeup Tadoba

Close up of a Tiger in Tadoba Tiger Reserve

I wrote this post with the idea that anybody can click wildlife pictures if you plan better and know the limitations and strength of your equipment.  The 55-300 lens used to click these pictures cost only around 22000 RS, compared to around a lakh or above for 400 mm and above lens used by professional wildlife photographers.  While you may not get close enough with a 300 mm lens the way a 400 mm or 600 mm lens will take you to wildlife, I am perfectly happy as of now to click with my 300 mm lens.

Anyways here is the link to my article about Wildlife Photography For Everybody, on Manfrotto site do have a look and tell me what do you think about the same specially the pictures.

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Blister Beetle

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