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2016 Calendar give away for readers, and fans of desi Traveler

Dear Readers the annual desi Traveler Calendar give away is back, for all the wonderful people who read love and share desi Traveler blog. The contest this time is bigger than ever with more pictures added to the blog and more options to take part in the giveaway for desi Calendar 2016

2015 has been a great year for desi Traveler with mentions on multiple sites including on Indian Express and we have grown exponentially in last year or so. I want to thank each one of you reading this post and following desi Traveler. Without your love this was not possible.  So to share with the expanded desi family instead of the usual 3 desi Travel Calendars this year we will be giving away 10 desi Travel Calendars for 2016.

Girl meditating on bank of Chandratal Lake Spiti

Chandratal Lake Spiti

To get your own personalized desi Calendar 2016 all you need to do is browse through desi Traveler blog and pick any two or more pics that you would like in your calendar. You can pick upto 12 pictures for your calendar and if your name comes in the lucky draw I will ship your own personalized calendar to your address with the pictures of your choice.

So here are the steps to get your own 2016 Calendar giveaway from your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler

First let me assure your there are only 3 steps to the contest   1 — Comment about the pictures you like in the blog. 2. Click on any of the tabs in widget below like Instagram / Twitter etc.  3.Follow the instructions

All the below instructions are for people who want more than one chance to participate in the contest as the more  social media you click on the tab more your chances to win and want detailed step by step instructions. So they can read below 🙂

  • Use the giveaway application below and like desi Traveler on Facebookand follow on twitter and Instagram
  • Comment  about the pictures you would like in your calendar.
  • For extra entries you can just follow the steps on the give away Basically each option increases your chanaces of winning

e.g  if you like the 1st  picture in the  “Why Singapore Is Perfect For Family Vacation”   post, and 5th picture in the “Petra By Night” post  then  simply mention in comments

  • I like the 1st pic – from Singapore perfect for Family Vacation post for my  desi Calendar 2016
  • I like the 5th pic –  from “Petra By Night” post for  my desi Calendar 2016.

Off course you need not like the very same pics or use the exact language I mention but you get the gist

And so on, you can mention upto 12 pics as there are only 12 months in calendar.

The pictures that will be mentioned by greatest number of people will be selected for the #desiCalendar  2016 and the winners will receive the same by courier once they share their address with me.

Once you have put in the comment please make sure you like desi Traveler on Facebook and follow desiTraveler on Twitter and tweet about the same. You can do all the follow using the giveaway widget  embedded in the blog post below.

So to summarize how to win your personalized 2016 Calendar with pictures clicked by desi Traveler : 

  1. Browse desi Traveler blog, and choose pictures you would like on your #desiCalendar 2016
  2. Give the names of the pictures you like in the comments below. Minimum 2 pictures and max 12 pictures of your liking
  3. Like desi Traveler on Facebook and follow desi Traveler on Twitter and Instagram
  4. Tweet about the giveaway to your followers.
  5. You can visit every day and tweet to increase your chances of getting the giveaways.
  6. WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS YEAR: Well so far we have given on 3 Calendar each year as give away and some more to my friends and family. This year the giveaway is of 10 Calendars, so your chances of winning a Calender have multiplied many times.

The details and links for contests for desi Calendar 2015 and 2014 are here

2016 desi Traveler Calendar Giveaway Contest


  1. Do I have to buy anything: No you don’t have to buy anything to take part in this giveaway
  2. What is the catch? Well I love my readers and this contest is for the followers on twitter and Facebook you if you already follow that’s a lot, if not it is never too late.
  3. Time lines: Give away begins on 5th tNovember 2015, ends on 7th  December 2015. Results out by 10th of December.  Winners informed same day by various channels like Facebook, email and twitter.  The calendars shipped latest by 15th of December to reach winners to welcome a Happy New Year 2016
  4. I have commented but I cannot see my comments. The comments are hidden till manually approved so don’t worry be happy your comment is saved and will be visible soon
Marina Bay Sands Night Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore in Night

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I promise that I will not sell, rent, or donate your email to anybody

🙂 🙂 🙂

  34 Responses to “Contest Alert: 2016 Calendar Giveaway”

Comments (34)
  1. All the best Vishal thanks

  2. I like the 5th pic – from What To Shop In Singapore post for my desi Calendar 2016

  3. I like the 4th pic – from Petra By Night – Playing With Lights & Shadows in Jordan post for my desi Calendar 2016

  4. I like the 1st pic – from A Day At Kunzum Pass: My experience and pictures from Kunzum La post for my desi Calendar 2016

  5. I like the 1st pic – from A Day At Kunzum Pass: My experience and pictures from Kunzum La – See more at: for my desi Calendar 2016

  6. The calender will be lovely. The lake above is very nice, so a calender with pics like these would be awesome!!!

  7. Oh Great contest! I’d love be a part of it. Thank you for sharing it so early.

  8. spiti looks cool 🙂

  9. Ayurveda Healing Center Kumarakom Lake Resort. Man praying with sun-rays .

  10. I like the SHIVA idols with people in the Bijapur post.

  11. best wishes to participants

  12. All the best to the people who take part! Itna complicated!

  13. I like the 2 pictures you have here -of lake and marina. They look gorgeous!

  14. This is become such a great DesiTraveler year end tradition. Way to go.
    Such a great idea to recap the year and pick out reader-favourites of the year.

  15. Am I late ? I like petra by night and ladakh pictures the most. Btw I do follow you instagram and twitter 🙂

  16. My choices are as follows.
    Petra by night – 3rd pic
    why Singapore is perfect for a family Vacation -7th pic

    In fact, I liked a few pics from the current year’s calendar also.

    Can I add more pics to it later? I am very sleepy at this moment. 🙂

  17. Ah.. I hoping to win again this time.. I have pasted the pictures of last years calendar at my work table.. I will send you the picture ;).

  18. I love these two pictures: Dhankar Lake Spiti Picture 7 and Super blood moon picture 7.

  19. Okay, so here goes some of my likes for #desicalendar 2016: – 5th and 9th pic. – 12th pic – 4th pic – 3rd pic – 3rd pic

    I could really go on and on but for now, I would just leave it at that – Fingers crossed!!

  20. Hi Prasad,

    1. I liked the photo in Scarface-The Prince of Bandipur Tiger Reserve
    2. I liked all the photos in Stay at Forest Rest House in Bandipur Tiger Reserve
    3. I liked the photo from The Dominant Wagdoh Male Tiger: The Largest Male Tiger of India

    I like all your photos. So I would love any other photos of animals in my customized 2016 Desi Calendar 🙂

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