Nov 152018

Win Limited Edition 2019 desi Traveler Calendar & Stay With Unhotel



Hello Travelers, how many of you are looking forward to 2019? I for sure am looking forward to 2019 or to be more specific the limited edition 2019 desi Traveler Calendar that can be yours if you participate in the annual desi Traveler Calendar Contest.  But that is only part of the story, this year the good folks at Unhotel have joined hands with desi Traveler and they are graciously giving complimentary stays to 2 of our lucky winners in 2 different cities.

Yes, you read it right the top two winners besides winning the desi Traveler Calendar also get 2 nights of complimentary stay at two of the Unhotels in India. I am giving the details of the prizes later in the post, let me first tell you what you have to do in order to win this contest.

So winning this contest is fairly simple to follow these Mandatory steps & if you want you can also increase your chances of winning by following the optional steps.

Mandatory Steps to participate in the 2019 desi Traveler Calendar Contest

  1. Follow desi Traveler & Unhotel on Instagram. You need to follow both the handles to be eligible for the contest. If you are already following both the handles then move to the mandatory step number 2.  But before that a small caution: Make sure you follow the actual handle of desi Traveler & not one of the similar sounding, spelling variation account.
  2.  Tag  2 of your friends on this INSTAGRAM POST in comments asking them to participate in the contest. If you want to tag more than 2 friends then you can add another comment. Please note in one comment tag only 2 friends.

Optional Steps to increase your chances of Winning the 2019 desi Traveler Calendar Contest with Unhotel

  1. Share this post on your social media and tag the relevant handles of desi Traveler & Unhotel so that we know you have shared the same. E.g if you are sharing on Facebook then tag >  desi Traveler Facebook Page & Unhotel on Facebook. If you are sharing on Twitter then tag the twitter account of desi Traveler & Unhotel.
  2. Tag as many friends you would like on various social media to increase your chances of winning. The more you tag & share the more your chances of winning.


So now let me share the prizes with you what you can win in the 2019 desi Traveler Calendar Contest with Unhotel

  1. Grand  Prize >   2 nights complimentary stay for a couple at Sanctuary in the Hills, Jilling, Nainital & 2 copies of the limited edition 2019 desi Traveler Calendar + a Photo Mug with any picture clicked by desi Traveler that you like from the desi Traveler blog or Instagram account.
  2. First Prize:  2 nights complimentary stay for a couple at Granny’s Inn in Varanasi & a copy of limited edition 2019 desi Traveler Calendar + a Photo Mug with any picture clicked by desi Traveler that you like from the desi Traveler blog or Instagram account
  3. Calendar Prizes:  This one is for 8 other winners who each get a copy of limited edition 2019 desi Traveler Calendar delivered to their address anywhere in the world

So in total, there are 11 copies of limited edition desi Traveler Calendar to be won 2 for the grand prize winner, 1 for first prize winner and 8 for Calendar Prize winners.


Fine Print & Legal Stuff

  1. The calendars & photo mugs will be directly sent by me. For the Unhotel stay winners, you can directly contact the Unhotel booking team and they will help you with the bookings. We will send the details to the winners in an email.
  2.  Contest DATES: The contest is live as you read this post and will end on11:59 PM,  15th December 2018  Indian Standard Time.
  3. Contest Result:  The results will be announced latest by  11:59 PM, 19th December 2018
  4. Calendars/ mug will be shipped immediately after receiving the addresses of the winners.
  5. The Unhotel Stay winners will have time between 15th January to 31st August 2019 to avail their prize to stay with Unhotel.  ( Please note the stay will be subject to availability of the room so please coordinate with the Unhotel team to get a confirmed booking before you make travel plans.
  6. Only hotel stay is complimentary with Unhotel in both the cases. You will need to make your own arrangements to travel to the destination & the incidental charges like Food, beverages, tips etc. are not covered for the winners.
  7. The winners will be chosen by me along with the Unhotel team & the decision will be final.
  8. Questions? Concerns? Doubts? Dreams? Desires? Well please share them in the comments below 🙂


So that is all folks, go ahead and participate in the  2019 desi Traveler Calendar Contest & besides the limited edition calendar you can also win complimentary stays with Unhotel 

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  1. This is an amazing article

  2. Hey !!!this is so exciting. Hope the lucky one will get the chance ……

  3. Oh wow! The Desi Calender gets more and more happening, eh. Cool
    Happy 2019 in advance, Prasad! 🙂

  4. Yay – I am in! I have absolutely cherished the beautiful desktop calendar and mug from last year and they both adorn my work desk for inspiration. Fingers crossed for this year too 🙂

  5. Great, So exited #desiTraveler Calendar 2019.

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