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Download November 2018 Calendar Wallpaper: A Village Pond & Red Tiled House In Maharashtra


This post is about the November 2018 Calendar Wallpaper and the story behind it.

Last year sometime at the fag-end of monsoons I was on an exploratory trip in coastal & rural Maharashtra.  One of the places I visited was Murud Janjira a few hours away from Mumbai. Now post Monsoons, coastal Maharashtra & the western ghats offer some of the most beautiful vistas that one can see on a road trip. Every curve in the road has a surprise awaiting you, sometimes it is a farmer & his wife spreading fertilizer on their crops as they sing a folk song while working at other turns you will see an impromptu waterfall spreading on the road asking you to stop and click some images.

The trees are all shining with new growth and grass has grown long enough to hide a kid and his goats, making the mongrel who has appointed himself the custodian of the cattle class so jittery that he challenges you to dare not take one step closer with a half-hearted ” Woof” and then vanishes in search of his herd. It is during one such encounter you notice a red-tiled roof in the distance and decide to explore further.


The red-tiled house slowly grows on you and in the frame and turns out to be home of some prosperous farmer is what you guess. You try to find a path to reach the beautiful red-tiled roof house, but none is visible. Maybe it is on the other side of the pond that surrounds it from  3 sides. You try to scream to get somebody’s attention but it seems nobody is home. The Indian Grey Hornbill on the tree above you makes a loud sound & decides to fly away in protest of disturbing his afternoon siesta. But the mynahs decide to intensify their protest by raising their pitch and stay put on the branches they already are perched, a ravenous Black Drongo gulps his catch before you are able to focus your DSLR & catch him in action. Any other day it would have mattered but today, you have stopped not to do bird photography but to catch a glimpse of this dreamy bungalow on the bank of a rural pond in coastal Maharashtra. The mynahs continue to raise their chorus protest, but the ravenous black drongo loses his interest soon and decides to focus on more important things like finding his next meal.

Now the red-tiled house, the pond, the neem tree above you, the tamarind tree next to the house, the Jamuns on opposite side, the ugly power cables, the fluffy clouds above and their glorious reflection in the pond are all yours, except the chorus of the mischievous mynahs who continue to protest. Well, you continue to walk around for the best possible view and ultimately click the November 2018 Calendar Wallpaper. Only you still don’t know that this picture will be on the November 2018 Calendar Wallpaper, but here it is almost a year later ( and earlier on the print version ).

So dear reader after this long story about the Village Pond & the beautiful Red-Tiled house somewhere in rural Maharashtra may I present 100% free to download the November 2018 Calendar Wallpaper from rural Maharashtra.  I don’t even remember where exactly I clicked this, but it was somewhere on my return journey from Murud Janjira to Mumbai, beyond that I am as clueless as you are.

Free download November 2018 Calendar Wallpaper

November 2018 Calendar Wallpaper – A Red Tiled House & Pond in Rural Maharashtra

As always the free to download November 2018 Calendar comes in 3 sizes >

2100 Px Wide

1600 Px Wide

1024 Px Wide

I hope you will like the November 2018 Calendar Wallpaper, that is yours to download, print like & share further. Happy Travels and a great November to all of you.


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  1. You are a true inspiration when it comes to travelling and living life to the fullest. Living like a free bird.

  2. Your travel experience and the way of expression were both Amazing and worth sharing. I just loved it.

  3. amazing ,brother . i want to come there form dehradun india.

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