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A Night spent at Taramati Baradari Resort Hyderabad with our kids

Once your kids start going to school you have to plan your holidays as per their school calendar. For some time our elder one has been going to school even on Saturdays thus we were not able to take any jaunts with kids that we typically do now and then. So a few weeks ago I decided to go for a short vacation but just did not have time or energy to go on a long drive, so we decided to stay for a night at the Taramati Baradari resort only about 7-8 KM from our home. So no trains or planes were involved only automobiles 🙂

places to see in hyderabad
Taramati Baradari
cultural center at taramati baradari
The Cultural Complex
Built around the historical complex of Taramati Baradari, named after the court singer and dancer Taramati during the reign of 7th Qutab Shai Sultan Abdul Qutub Shah it is being developed as a cultural hub. As the storytellers will like you to believe that her voice was so melodious that in the middle of the night the Emperor will sit in his palace in Golconda Fort more than a mile away and listen to Taramati singing in the Baradari, which was a Sarai or a resting place for caravans.
Spice Finch a small bird on a branch
Scaly Breasted Munia or Nutmeg Mannikin
Today the AP tourism department has constructed a tourist complex around the same with rooms, swimming pools, amphitheater and beautiful gardens around it. We reached it in the morning after breakfast, we have booked a suite room from AP Tourism’s website online. The room was spacious with a separate living area and a big AC bedroom, but like all Sarkari hotels it has that distinct Sarkari smell and looks. You can relate to it only if you have lived in a Sarkari hotel.

Anyways the kids immediately jumped into the pool with their hawk-eyed mother keeping a close vigil on them. This gave me enough opportunity to wander around and click a few pictures with my Nikon D7000. I took a few shots of the Baradari like everybody else does with an 18-105 lens to give it a wide-angle look. But I also took some pictures from various places in the complex to get a different view of the building. The main Taramati Baradari is fairly well maintained and you have to climb enough stairs to make you pant to reach the summit. It is a squarish building built on a huge square platform garishly painted in pink by our babus in name of conservation. As it is on a small hillock you can see the Golconda Fort from its top as well as our apartment building in PBEL city was visible from the top. But I really liked a small temple hidden in hills behind it painted white with a red flag on the top.
temple with Red flag near Taramati Baradari
A Shrine In The Boulders

The gardens and the pool are well maintained in the resort, but their Waterloo is the food and not something to look forward to.
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The staff is friendly and always smiling but the kitchen is not stocked even with cold drinks at times and even staple of Deccan India Idly was not available for breakfast. I don’t think there were any other guests in the resort as only our car was in the parking lot so we had the resort to ourselves. The hygiene is also questionable as I found a family of cats roaming in the restaurant, as well as one of them, was actually sleeping in a bucket full of utensils. That is when I clicked the picture of the kitten.

cat with beautiful eyes
The Kitten 
For clicking pictures it was a good experience and I clicked some Scaly Breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata) and a few other birds, the star of the trip was a mother sunbird (Nectarinia asiatica) sitting in her nest looking at me suspiciously. ( I wanted to publish this blog as I did not want this picture to go out while the chicks were in the nest, I am pretty sure they have left the nest by now)
purple sunbird guarding nest at Taramati Baradari
The Mother Sunbird In Her Nest
So my friends if you have some time on a lazy afternoon go visit Taramati Baradari it is within city limits and is easily accessible both from Mehdipattnam as well as from Gachibowli IT corridor, via Narsingi. You can plan a stay if you want to click some beautiful bird pictures in the jungle around early morning. You will see many small birds like Sunbirds, Scaly-breasted munia, parakeets, peafowl, red vented bulbul, myna, Ashy Prinia, common egret etc.

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orange flowers of Pomegranate
Anars In The Making
garden full of flowers
Blooms In The Garden
cultural complex of taramati baradari
View From The Resort

gardens at Taramati baradari Complex
A Rose Bud & Flower
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I visited again the same some time back and here is the link to the next visit to Taramati Baradari just to click pictures in the evening.

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