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An Evening Photo Walk at Taramati Baradari Hyderabad

Taramati Baradari Hyderabad

Mural of Taramati

Last time when I visited Taramati Baradari with my kids we were not able to take pictures during the night as it was raining a little and the lights that illuminate the monument were not switched on.So when our photo walk club HWS organized a walk to Taramati Baradari I was hoping it would be in evening, as most of the photo walk organized are during the day.

It seems lady luck was smiling on me and this photo walk was organized on Saturday evening rather than Sunday Morning as most photo walks are.Smiling, we all climbed the 3 levels of the stairs to reach the top to discover couples cozying up at the top. The poor couples soon vanished on seeing a battalion of 21 photographers armed with lenses of all shapes and sizes. The monument is lit in psychedelic lights once it gets dark and we were waiting for it to get dark and lights to come so that we can shoot the Taramati Baradari in these lights.

Street Light Pictures

View From Top of Taramati Baradari in Evening

The Sun was playing peek a boo from the arches and giving an interesting color to the pink walls of the baradari. Once the has gone to illuminate the other side of the watery planet the psychedelic lights came in their full form. I am not sure if they have been installed to recreate the atmosphere of Taramati singing during the time of the Qutub Shahi Kings when Mashaals ( torches made of cloth dipped in oil) would have lit the monument on the night, while the king got lost in the melodious voice of Taramati. I reached the venue a little late only to realize that the group has been denied permission to take pictures of the monument.

Corridors Lit Up with Lights

Arches Of Taramati Baradari

Fortunately one of the senior members of group Chandrasekhar Singh (He is the Nat Geo, moments Mega award winner for this year) was able to persuade the power that be, to allow the group to take pictures at the monument. Smiling, we all climbed the 3 levels of the stairs to reach the top to discover couples cozying up in the arches where Taramati used to sing for the Emperor of Deccan.  The poor couples soon vanished on seeing a battalion of 21 photographers armed with lenses of all shapes and sizes. I wonder what did they thought we have come to click?

Only then I realized I have not brought my Tripod and will not be able to take long exposure shots. I was wondering how to keep my camera still on the less than 2 feet tall boundary, fall from where either for me or camera would mean instant separation of body mind and soul. Sathish Kumar Chandolu (one of the group members and an upcoming talented photographer) who traveled with us to Hampi temples came to rescue and offered to share his tripod with me. (He is the one you see with Tripod in the picture below). As you can see this has resulted in a much sharp picture of the Taramati Baradari and wherever the tripod has not been used pictures are not that sharp due to low light conditions. Once the group started clicking pictures it was as if there is no tomorrow and it was as if you are in a bazaar, with everybody scrambling for best action, and due to the changing hue  and direction of light every few seconds it gave a very different kind of view with shadows, tripods, and moving photographers on the top of the platform with shadows and lights giving a very interesting pattern in the night. I was unable to decide what to call the colorful spectacle of light as the baradari was glowing like a damsel in Holi Colors yet with the effervescence of erupting lava from a volcano, heating up the cool air of the top of the hill. It is indeed an experience to cherish and I highly recommend visiting Taramati Baradari in evening to soak in the colors and the cool breeze simultaneously.

Points to remember

The lights are turned on around sunset and you will have about 1 hour to click pictures in the evening before the guard comes to shove you off. Apply a ton of mosquito repellent cream as the resident mosquitoes are bloodthirsty and go straight for the jugular. Taramati Baradari is open from around 10:30 am in the morning till around sunset, after which you are not allowed to the protected monument, you are free to stay in the restaurant and the gardens, if you are in a mood, get your blood sucked by mosquitoes.

Photographer with Tripod Low Light Photography

Satish A photographer with Tripod to click sharp pictures in low light

There is ample free parking and there is no ticket to enter the monument, the pool is available in the resort on paying hourly charges if you want to use it for swimming.

Taramati Baradari Hyderabad

Taramati Baradari In Psychedelic Lights

An earlier post on Taramati Baradari is here it is a good place to visit in the late afternoon if only you are equipped to deal with the mosquitoes.

monuments of hyderabad

A Photographer in Arch of Taramati Baradari


Sunset At Taramati Baradari Hyderabad

Sunset From Taramati Baradari

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  1. Hi,
    I’m a travel enthusiast and loves to travel alot. I need details and description on Istakameshwari Temple situated in Nallamalla Hills Forest.

  2. can we user pic on photography school poster with your permission.

  3. Colorful indeed. So now that photography isn’t allowed we’ll have to be satisfied with your pictures. 🙂 Anyway, they are a treat to the eyes. I like the Psychedelic Lights one best.

  4. Do we have to take any permission to shoot videos or take pics in taramati ??

  5. I am still catching up — these are spectacular!

  6. beautiful pictures!

  7. It was years ago when I last went to Hyderabad. It was a school trip and I have a very vague memory of it. Though I still clearly remember that floating Buddha over this river which divides Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

    PS : The pictures are breath taking !

    • Hi Ritika…The Buddha you mention has now become as much an icon of Hyderabad as Charminaran ( as called by Hyderabadis). It is in center of Hussain Sagar a large man made lake.


  8. Colorful pictures 🙂
    Indeed a great place to set eyes at.

  9. Wow.. this is the first post that I have read here.. n m already a big fan of your photography…
    The pictures are excellent and I had never heard of this place… So thanx for giving a good feeling as well as a learning..

  10. Amazing photos and I am so sorry that I have never visited this place even though I had been in Hyderabad for more than 8 years! Definitely something to consider on my next trip there!

  11. Beautiful and colourful photos

  12. Oh beautiful captures!
    little overprocessed for my eyes though,,, but that doesn’t make them unattractive…

    Anunoy Samanta

    • Thanks Anunoy….I have used only Lightroom to change the tone etc… no photoshop ( never on any of my pics till date)… the only other technique used is long exposure…but thanks again for your candid feedback.

  13. Beautiful evening spent at the Baradari. The pictures are gorgeous and the evening lights make the entire structure look even more intriguing. Wonderful share, thank you very much. 🙂

  14. A very beautiful evening spent there at the Baradari. The pictures are gorgeous and the lighting makes the entire structure look even more intriguing. Wonderful share, thank you so much.

  15. Beautiful, colorful, and poetic too! Lovely pictures and post. One your best.
    Always welcome to posts on dear Hyderabad.:-).

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Interesting shots of the place.

  17. Wonderful photographs there, though I didnt like the “too red” sun at the end.

  18. Gorgeous night shots, Desi Traveler. I’m so glad you finally got to take some photographs At Taramati Baradari. Now this is a place I haven’t gotten to see on my visits to the city. Thank YOU for taking me there.

  19. Evening and night pics are excellent. Really good work. Thanx for sharing this.

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