Jan 072015

One of the things that I starting following actively in Amazing Thailand was Instagram, not that I suddenly discovered my love for Instagram but as almost anywhere you go you get free Wi-Fi so it is very easy to immediately upload your pictures without spending a single penny from your pocket.  I think except for when I was in plane and on a boat to the remote islands in the Gulf of Thailand we were never more than 5 feet away from free Wi-Fi either it was from the Hotels we were staying or the restaurant we went for lunch of dinner.  So here I am sharing some of my pictures that I clicked in Amazing Thailand and uploaded on Instagram.  ( subtle hint: Join desi Traveler on Instagram )

So check these pictures that I shared on Instagram that were clicked in Thailand mostly on my cellphone. Some I shared immediately and some later after coming back to India, but all clicked in Amazing Thailand during my trip
















I was invited by TAT New Delhi for my trip to Koh Samui and I had a great time. More posts to come.

The Cell phone used was  Sony Xperia Z3 Compact  and the camera used for other pics was Nikon D7000

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So are we connected on Instagram ? if not let us connect now and see life around us in a square.

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  1. Cool shots.
    Claps for the food pics. 🙂

    Good ones, DesiTraveler. 🙂

  2. Nice set of photos! 🙂 Thailand looks so vibrant! But does Instagram really make any difference to a good photo?

  3. Lovely collection, liked the beach pictures the most!

  4. Great pics. Loved seeing them. 🙂

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