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January 2015 Calendar Wallpaper: Matrimandir Pondicherry

A few years ago I started printing desi Calendar only for my family  and a few very close friends. On receiving encouragement in 2013 I did a small giveaway on desi Traveler and gifted 3 winners calendars for 2014.  I also printed some for my friends and family.  Then in  2014 end I decided to conduct the giveaway once again and was very happy to receive the entries though a lot of people gave comments on Facebook and Twitter and not on blog. But still the response was wonderful.

Besides the winners of the giveaway I thought of gifting the Calendar to some of the wonderful folks I have met thanks to this little blog of mine. A few of them tweeted about the same and posted it on Facebook also. And boy suddenly I was in trouble, I had no idea my little Calendar is so much in demand. 🙂

While a few friends pinged me for their copies,  a few I personally pinged and asked for their address to ship the calendar  to them.But as you can understand it is a bit difficult to send Calendar to  all my friends and followers so I was in a dilemma  about what to do. As I was not able to send the calendar to every body I had to say no to a few people most folks understood except in one particular case where I was literally threatened with consequences — ”  Send me my Calendar OR –you don’t know how many followers I have on F, T  and  G  and I can give you a ……“, I am pretty sure it was a joke, needless to say I shipped another copy 🙂 . Anyways long story short since I can not print unlimited copies of the Calendar I have decided to share Free Soft Copies of the Calendar every month. So from this month onwards on the last day of month I will publish a soft copy that you can download from here free of cost and use it as you desktop wallpaper if you like it. So though it is a bit late here is the first page of the calendar: January 2015 showing Matrimandir in Pondicherry. It is available in 2 sizes 1024 * 768 and  1600 * 1200. Do share your views about the sizes as I thought these two sizes should cover most screens and better to upload large size and not small as large can be reduced in resolution or size easily.

Here is the first one that is in 1024 *768 size:

Matrimandir Pondicherry

Matrimandir Calendar 1024* 768 size


This one below is in 1600 * 1200 size ( you need to click on the pics to download the full size )


Matrimandir Pondicherry

Matrimandir Pondicherry 1600*1200 size

I hope dear reader that you will like the desktop Calendar that I will upload every month.

Link to the Winners of 2015 desi Calendar post

 You are more than welcome to share this with your friends and family on your friends on FacebookLinkedIntwitter and Google+ . Also  feel free to subscribe by email  to get an update when the next month Calendar is live on the desi Traveler blog.

As always your opinion / comments on the same are welcome do share if you downloaded the same or face any problem doing so.

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