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April 2016 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

Confession time:  I cheated for the April 2016 Calendar for desi Traveler. As the regular readers of desi Traveler will know, I request readers to pick images for the calendar from already published images on the desi Traveler Blog. The wonderful readers that we have for my little blog, are kind enough to take time out and share the pictures they want to see on the calendar. I do it in the form of a contest to get more people to participate, and this year we gave away more than 10 calendars and like all years before this one, we had readers and winners from both India and abroad.

But like I said, I cheated for the April 2016 Calendar, and the image that I chose for the month of April is an image that was never published before on desi Traveler, so none of the contest participants or winners wanted this image on their calendar. But for some reason I liked this image and did not want to wait to write a blog post, and then upload this picture, so I just used it in the April 2016 Calendar, both print as well as online version, that I am sharing her in high-resolution so that you can download the same for your desktop as wallpaper.

So dear readers, while I wish you a happy April, I also tender an apology to all of you, as I picked up an image that was not chosen by readers.  I do hope you all like this image and share it as much as possible.

April 2016 Desktop Calendar Download

Amman Citadel : April 2016 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

The April 2016 Calendar Wallpaper for download is available in following sizes :

1024 px wide

1600 px wide

2100 px wide  

How to download the Calendar Wallpaper for desktop : Please right-click the size you want, and save the image on your machine.

About the April 2016 Calendar Wallpaper.

This image was made in Jordan at the Amman Citadel, a historical site where signs of human habitation date back to prehistoric time and it was continuously occupied during various eras, kingdoms and periods in the history of Jordan. The Amman Citadel is also the home of Temple of Hercules and a museum that showcases the historical artifacts etc found at the site, maybe I will do a detailed post soon, but till then have a look at this picture. You can see some of the pillars of Temple of Hercules and the city of Amman in the background. You are welcome to check my series of  blog posts on Jordan here and watch this space for more posts that I planned but never wrote about my visit to Jordan, on invitation of Jordan Tourism Board

As always you are welcome to like, download, and share the April 2016 Calendar also.  Do share what you think about the image.


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  1. Thank you but my calendar has Petra night picture, not this one. 🙂

  2. Magnificent Pic. Colours are beautiful.

  3. so colorful and beautiful 🙂

  4. Awesome, Thank you 🙂

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