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Bapu Gandhi said, India lives in Villages, and his words are true even today. In my opinion the best way to see India is still by a road trip and a trip on the Great Indian Railways comes in close second. I like road trips not just for the freedom it offers, but also the interaction one can have with fellow Indians on the road.

No other mode of transport gives you the choice to go at your own pace and stop at will. No worries about missing a train or regret of not being able to click that beautiful curve in the road, where filtered sunlight was illuminating the milestone mark.

And the food, oh the food at Indian Dhabas is some of the best and is accessible only if you are on a Road Trip. Some of you may know that when I go on a road trip with my friends and family I use the hashtag #RahiOnRoad, loosely translated Rahi means a traveler so Rahi On Road means, travelers on Road.

My latest road trip was to Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh, though we first stopped in Anandpur Sahib to capture some behind the scene pictures of Hola Mohalla.

While Anandpur Sahib has excellent facilities for Pilgrims in the Sarai ( rest houses ) managed by the Gurduwara Trusts, the hotels in the city are absolutely useless even for the most rugged travelers. I would rather sleep in a tent than rent again one of these hotels we checked in Anandpur Sahib.

And don’t even bother eating at the small eateries in Anandpur Sahib, the one we ate at is a disgrace for Punjabi food. The Langar ( communal  holy kitchen food served in Sikh Gurudwaras ) is one of the best I have had so during your stay in Anandpur Sahib enjoy Guru Ka Langar and thank the almighty one for the blessings in your life.

Suggested reading:  Virasat E – Khalsa , a museum of Sikh History

Anyways long story short, we cut short our Rahi On Road trip to Punjab and continued towards Kangra in Himachal. While I work on detailed post about our Road Trip to Kangra in Himachal,  you can read the short post I wrote about the Woman Hiker with Indomitable spirit, whom I saw in Pizza joint in McLeod Ganj.

During the road trip I shared some images on instagram using the #RahiOnRoad hashtag, I am sharing some of those here to give you some idea about what to expect in the coming posts abour our Road Trip to Punjab and Himachal.

The first image is of a Nihang Soldier, whom we clicked in one of the Gurudwaras, this is the only image that I clicked from my Nikon and later posted on Instagram, rest all are mobile images.

The next two images were clicked on iPhone by fellow traveler Greedy Backpack whose parents named him Tarun,  on our way to Hola Mohalla before our trip to Kangra as Anandpur Sahib is on the way.


We were not the only Rahi on Road … India loves to Drive in Style and we have all kind of Jugaad for our Road Trips

If you are on a Road Trip in India, we urge you to tag your pictures on Instagram and Twitter with #RahiOnRoad and we will be happy to share them further on our social network. You never know some of them may even be featured here on desi Traveler blog like this one by  Shilpi aka epataka



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  1. Great Blog.Worth a read.Travelling to himachal is a great option and worth a family or couple or even a trek visit.You can also book a car on rental from hire-taxi.co.in

  2. It’s like I am traveling on these roads. Amazing photos, Prasad. Especially, the sunset on the ruins and the silhouette shot. Both are my favorites. I only wish I get chances to travel places. 🙂

  3. Wow. Lovely photos.:)

    Sriram & Krithiga

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