Mar 102012
We again visited ICRISAT campus with Purushotham Rudraraju
 who was leading the GHAC group. ICRISAT is one of the best places for Bird Watching in Hyderabad.
Today was not a very successful day from clicking photographs of the birds point of view even though we spotted 50+ species of the birds in the ICRISAT Campus.

The lake that was brimming with water last month was almost empty and most of the water birds have already left. The branches of the tree that used to bend due to the weight of the birds was mostly deserted. Hopefully this year we will have a more bountiful monsoon and the lake will fill again.
Since birds were not very cooperative today to pose I clicked some other pictures that can be seen below, I was very  happy to discover a few small shrines inside the campus. There is a church, a small mosque, a temple and also ruins of an ancient temple, that must have been a Shiva Temple considering a Naga standing guard outside. I was wondering if there is a treasure around considering the temple is right next to a fort that used to be a tax collection post during the reign of Bahmani sultans and later during the Nizam’s rule.
old temple with cobra
Naga On Guard At The Ancient Temple 

As we were on bicycles and I was riding one almost after a decade+ it was a little tough for me to ride a bicycle and balance my camera. On the top of that the it seems that the  seat of the bicycle was designed to  torture the rider. 
Any ways a few bird pictures that I was able to take are being shown here besides the pictures you see in the post.
Indian Roller Coracias benghalensis sitting on a  high branch
An  Indian Crow On Tree

I really like the one above as it reminds me of old doha:
Kaga sub tan khaiyo,
   chun chun khaiyo maas,
do naina mat  khaiyo
   mohe Piya Milan kee aaas…”

Next visit to ICRISAT is here
Thanks for reading.

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  1. We should go for sure… 🙂

  2. Interesting…

  3. Marvelous…..

  4. Thanks a lot Raj.

  5. Lovely pictures. The ruins of the old temple look awesome and remind me of the ancient days. 🙂 And the bird picture is also great.

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