Mar 032012

Today in the morning I went for hiking in Peerancheru boulders near our apartment with a GHAC group. My wife was kind enough to make a cup of tea for me at 6 am in the morning.  We both had the tea together and then I left for the meeting point with the GHAC group that was coming.  We started the day with the introduction round by forming the circle and Shraddha the group leader gave instructions like:
  • ·         No littering,
  • ·         No talking loudly or disturbing any birds or animals in area
  • ·         No breaking away from the group etc.
Under no circumstances we are supposed to violate the norms. The good thing about GHAC is that it is very responsible adventure, great care is taken to not to leave any wrappers of chocolate, water bottles, plastic bags etc. at the trekking point and no unnecessary noise is made, as it disturbs the animals in the area. 
Seasoned trekkers like Shraddha, Nataraj, Rama Raju were making sure that they take care of newbies like me and keep on giving us a balanced dose of motivation as well as push. At many places Rama Raju pulled me when I was unable to climb. The rule are very clear that seasoned trekkers will not only lead the group but one of the seasoned trekkers will remain at the tail end of the group to ensure that slower ones are not left behind. Besides trekking we enjoyed watching the various birds that live in these rocks we spotted peacocks, Indian robin, sunbirds, and some wild hare.
hiking at peerancheru boulders with ghac

hiking with ghac near peerancheru pbel
The Hike Begins
hiking at peerancheru boulders with ghac
Strategy Planning Seminar To Climb The First Tough Rock
rock climbing at peerancheru boulders with ghac
A Seasoned Trekker At The Back Ensuring No Body Is Left Behind
hiking and bouldering with ghac near pbel city peerancheru
I Am Coming Mr. Rock!
I have earlier written a blog post about the view from our balcony, that has some pics of view from our balcony of Peerancheru boulders near PBEL city. Unknown to any one of us, my wife was standing in our 16th floor balcony and clicking pictures from our Nikon. All the pics in this blog were taken by her standing in the balcony, she must be more than 500 meters away, but still the pics give good idea about our hiking in Peerancheru boulders. I never realized how high we climbed till I saw these pics. She continued to click till we vanished from her view. When I returned she showed the same to  me and we are planning to go on one of the treks together so that we can both enjoy it together once again just like we did when we went to Ananathagiri hills.
 GHAC regularly organizes such event you can check their meetup page for more details.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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  1. Dear Prasad, please give me your email address or phone no.

    After so long I liked something here at blogspot. I wanted to talk to you regarding yours/mine interest.

    Ranjeet Kumar

  2. Thanks Farila, i do not use photoshop to change them…but I am planning to start experimenting a bit with Light room..

  3. The pictures on your blog have a natural quality which makes me feel as though I am watching them for real.. Nice adventure

  4. Thanks Shirin

  5. superb…

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