Nov 072011
Ready To Jump-Construction Site

A Construction Site It is common in India around construction sites to see a small scarecrow kind of head painted on an earthen  pot. Typically the reason for the same is ward off the evil eye. This continues when the residents occupy the house.  But recently when I was looking out of our balcony I noticed this scene, due to haze it almost looked like somebody is about to jump from the building under construction. Only on close watching I realized that it is a scare crow only due to the wind the clothes  have got all puffed up [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Sep 182011
Kids With School Bag

I was standing in my balcony looking out and enjoying the monsoon showers. I looked below and saw these kids trying to protect them selves from rain with their school bag. I was in the 7th floor balcony of our apartment luckily the Nikon was lazing around  on the dining table and itching for some action so here we go: Kids With School Bag In Monsoon Submitted the same for Thursday Challenge here

Apr 032009

Both me and the misses love to travel. she loves the five star way while i am the quintessential rough it out type. So typically it is the misses who gets to rough me up while we travel. Before I got married I use to travel alone or with my friends and we use to go to places like Pachmari, Manali etc. I also traveled and backpacked in Europe once in 1998 or 99 and was an ajooba for most of the people I met in Europe as they claimed they have not seen an Indian backpacker. The immigration officer at the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

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