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The Valentines day is coming and that brings my annual agony to forefront once again. I have never been able to understand what the fuss is all about both to celebrate it as well as to oppose it. It is definitely not an Indian festival or for that matter even a festival, it is a 100% marketing noise created by card and candy companies. But if people are willing to spend money to claim their love for somebody then why do some political parties have objection to it? They should first teach a few lessons on morality to their Mantris caught on camera watching p0rn while the state assembly was in session.

But that is not such a big deal as the bholey mantris were just doing research on rave  parties, is it their fault if some porn site opens? No absolutely not. But I digress, my agony is about what to do on the V day and what to gift to the missus on the Valentines day?

 Till a few years ago I use to buy some flowers for her but the she said that they fade within a day so there is no point in getting the flowers. She used to feel great pain at throwing something that I had given her and also at the fleeting nature of beauty that reminded her of our own mortality.
 I said ok and brought a Video game player for her next year that I saw her looking lovingly in the mall a few days ago. What a mistake! the video game player was treated as toxic waste and I was branded a heartless soul who brought a toy for himself in the guise of a V day gift for the Missus. On quizzing that she has been eyeing it in the mall she responded that ” I wanted to buy it for my moron husband, and here he brought it for me! have you ever seen  women playing with a video game player?” How was I suppose to know? I don’t even know what my own wife wants leave aside other women.
Next year I brought ear rings for her, she was happy but could not resist the comments that I am just trying to push the share price of the company I own stocks in and the earrings have been bought from the dividends received. I guess diamonds don’t mix well with the display of emotions when you own stocks in the company that makes jewelry.
My attempt to write poetry one of the years was greeted with laughter that would put clowns in circus to shame. Alas I am not somebody who can write romantic poetry or even a decent blog post if I go by opinion of some of my friends.
But last year I hit the jackpot, in a rare flash of creative genius I took some of her and our kid’s photographs and created a photo collage and gifted the same to her. For the first time in many years I could see real satisfaction on her face on receiving a gift from me. This opened the eyes of the financially savvy but romantically retard in me that it is not the price of the gift but the thought behind the same that actually counts.
Any ways the picture occupies a prominent place in our living room and is a conversation topic every time somebody visits our home. Which brings me to this year I am again not sure what to get for her this year again?
But wait a minute… I think I know what I am going to do, I am dedicating this blog post to my wife and the mother of my kids and want to tell her that I don’t care about V-day because I love her and only her on every single day of the year and don’t want to restrict the celebration of our love for a single day of year.
Though this post is being published on V Day but it was written a few days ago and I am sure  the best gift we have given to each other is that our bond is getting stronger with every passing V Day.
I mean the  bond of our love not the infrastructure ones I bought for tax savings (though they are also a very good to save tax if you have exhausted all other means to save tax). 
There goes the smile on her face ….. it has become another  finance post though was meant to be  my Valentines Day gift for her.  
God please save this poor blogger for messing up another V Day 🙁 🙁 🙁

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  1. Good one…


  2. Thanks rsapra. There are a few things that one learns only with time 🙂

  3. very true…it's not the amount you spend, it's the thought behind the gift.

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