Feb 122012
The tallest building I have been on top is Sears towers (now Willis Tower) in Chicago many moons ago. Though it was a cloudy day the view was still breathtaking, 2 years later I went to the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and again was mesmerized by the view. (I was also cheated by a photographer there, but that is another blog post) So when we moved to Mumbai after marriage I was looking for the tallest building to live which I could afford, finally we moved to 20th floor of an apartment complex that had a breathtaking view of the sea beyond the last surviving mangroves. Alas that lasted less than 2 years and we moved again.

lake view from apartment in PBEL city
The Lake And Osman Sagar In The Background
A few months ago we were looking for a place to move in the city of Nizams and I wanted to move in an apartment as high as possible. Finally we zeroed in on the 16th floor of our current home, though the building has 2 more floors  we could not afford them as they are penthouses.
dargah near Shadaan college
Sufi Shrine
Today morning I was standing in the balcony and clicked a few photographs that are pasted here. You can not only see the beautiful lake next to the complex, you can also see the Osman Sagar in the background beyond the highway to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Due to dry weather most of the vegetation currently is not in its best, but I do remember when I came to look at the apartment just after monsoon everything around was green and glossy. I am already waiting for Monsoon- 2012.
There is  a small serene sufi shrine nestled  on the small hillock some distance away that looks as if I can touch it due to the zoom lens used. Every time the holy man calls for the faithful to offer prayer, it fills me with a calmness that can be experienced but cannot be explained. There is also an ancient Kaali temple close by and one can hear the bells early morning, but it is on the other side of the building and not visible from our balcony.
lake near PBEL city
Resting In Shade By The Lake
Some of the hills in the distance are being destroyed by using dynamite and bulldozers to make more place for ugly face of development (  not by our complex).
 I also captured a black dog defecating on a patch of beautiful flowers in the lawns with its owner sheepishly looking around to see if anybody was watching. I was! (I choose not to publish those photos).
land clearing by earth-moving equipment
Rocks Being Destroyed
I am in process of clicking some birds around the complex and the lake and will publish them once I have some 10 good pictures. One need to click at least 100 photos of birds to get a shot that  is worth publishing. And out of 100 photos that one publishes one will be liked by some body. Tough luck but worth it.
Thanks for reading.
sunset from balcony
Perfect Sunset From The Balcony
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  1. And then we are moving to pbel sooner or later 🙂

  2. Hi Pattu Raj… I did publish a post with post monsoon pics…

    pls check them here… the difference in greenry is remarkable


  3. Did I miss your posts on the monsoon-photographs promised by you 🙂

  4. Thanks Vetrimagal…..:)

  5. Amazing View…….!!

  6. Oh.. The beautiful Hyderabad. Osman sagar side is a pretty place to live. I am sure the heat is a few degrees less, and the monsoon is a pleasure to watch.

    Lovely pictures of dear Hyderabad. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks Subhadra, I am planning to take some pictures on a regular basis once the monsoon is about to begin to show the impact of the rains… please do keep on visiting the blog.

  8. The sunset picture is really awesome 🙂

  9. Thanks Prabhavathi. Hyderabad is indeed one of the better cities to live in India.

  10. Lovely photography.I love all the beautiful places in hyderabad and the bangles too…

  11. nice one..16th floor is serene for sure.

  12. Beautiful place you are living. Wonderful pictures. Many thanks for sharing.

  13. thanks Deepak and Shanoj.

  14. awesome pics 🙂

  15. Awesome.. SUNSET 🙂 brilliant- –Dee..

  16. Thanks a lot Sunil.

  17. Lovely pictures. I don't think I would like living very high, but they do offer good places for clicking pictures!

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