Jul 172016
How To Kill your Blog in 10 Steps

10 Easy Steps to Kill Your Travel Blog Some time back I was in Goa in a large gathering of bloggers. Some of the folks I was meeting for the first time in person but I had interacted with them earlier on social media like twitter and Facebook etc.  After the event, we all sat down for some gossip and like all blogger meet the topic of discussion soon was how to make money from blogging.  One of the conclusions of the discussion was that to make money from blogging you need to grow your blog and get loads [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Mar 142016
My Personal Finance Story: When I Cashed my Gift Coupon

  I was recently invited to write about my personal finance story. I was wondering what to write, when I remembered my trip to the Departmental store. There was a brand promotion exercise in our apartment complex from a major automobile company. There were swanky cars on display and everybody including the kids was encouraged to touch and feel the cars. But this post is not about the cars, or even about the type of promotions they did. The gist of the matter is that there were some fun games and the emcee for the evening was distributing gifts [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

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May 042012
A Money Savvy Model

We city dwellers always think that we are the smartest bunch around, only to be humbled  by simple folks around us time and again. Some time back I visited the Nallamala forest near the Srisailam temple. It is a very sparsely populated area and most of the folks living are farmers and some tribals. Education levels are very poor, and for a city bred guy like me it is difficult to understand the folksy wisdom passed down from one generation to another in our villages. While coming back we stopped in a village haat to buy some locally grown fruits, whose taste is [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 132012
Valentines Day-What gift to choose?

The Valentines day is coming and that brings my annual agony to forefront once again. I have never been able to understand what the fuss is all about both to celebrate it as well as to oppose it. It is definitely not an Indian festival or for that matter even a festival, it is a 100% marketing noise created by card and candy companies. But if people are willing to spend money to claim their love for somebody then why do some political parties have objection to it? They should first teach a few lessons on morality to their [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]