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The LAZY TRAVELER DIGEST for February March & April 2018

Ritu Sushila Krishan aka Bhogi Jogi

A desi Traveler in Germany


So the desi Traveler lazy Traveler digest is back after a break. After it has been renamed as ” THE LAZY TRAVELER DIGEST“, I don’t think I need to give any reason why the digest took a break.  But in all honesty, I owe an apology to all the wonderful travelers and photographers who have been sharing their images on Instagram for the desi Traveler digest. If you go and search for #desiTraveler hashtag on Instagram you will find more than 2000 images, and this when I have shared less than 700 images on Instagram and out of those 700 images less than half have the #desiTraveler hashtag. Which basically means a lot of folks out there are sharing images with the requested hashtag and I don’t think I am being right in being lazy to not share these images monthly on the blog.  I will try to be as regular as possible and share the desi Traveler digest on a monthly basis.

So without further delay let me share some of the images here.

The first two images are from  Har Ki Dun Trek shared by the traveling couple – Vijayakriti & Paresh aka The Double Diary. You may want to visit there Instagram and check their posts to know more about them. They share wonderful images full of positive energy.
Our next traveler is Saurabh Arya, who manages to travel and share his travel stories with us even with his full-time job. In the two images, I am sharing today from Saurabh two street art paintings he has captured in Bangalore and Goa. In the second one, you can also find Saurabh himself as part of the frame. A very warm welcome to Saurabh on desi Traveler digest and hope to see him here more often.
Our next image is by desi Traveler Manali, who is based in Seattle and loves to travel and share her images. The image I am sharing here today is from the Olympic Sculpture Park and what I like about the image is that she has captured a human in a bold Red Jacket in the frame that breaks the monotony of the image as well as add to the scale. I am a big fan of adding a human to the frame for various reasons and giving a perspective of scale is one of them.
Next, we have Jayanti Pandey who is a constant traveler to exotic lands from Central Asia to Europe but here I have picked up an image from her from closer home in Saddi Dilli as she takes us to a local journey to the latest heritage attraction of Delhi the Sunder Nursery. Carefully restored with help from Aga Khan Trust,  Sunder Nursery now also has heritage monuments and Mughal Style Gardens ( Our very own Mughal Garden in Rashtrapati Bhavan is based on similar design thought it was built by the British) open to the public. I missed going on this particular Photowalk but thanks to Jayanti we can see the images here. Hope to visit Sunder Nursery monument soon and I may also buy a few plants for my little balcony garden. Will keep you posted.–B/
Next we have Travelisamom, who takes us on a spin to Paris in France.  We don’t know much about her except that she is a desi mom who loves to travel. So check out her images and profile on Instagram.
In our next image we have Nadiya Najib from Pakistan but in true desi Style, she is in the favorite destination of many of us desi Travelers from both side of Wagah Border. Check out her images from London UK.
In the next very desi image, Amit Manchanda takes us on a journey in time and only if you are as old as I am you will know what this magic box is in the image. But those of you who are old enough to remember will know what magical world this little theater on wheels opened up for kids in those days.
The vibrant image below is shared by Meenakshi J Iyer and is a beautiful reminder that if we want we can find beauty all around us. We may not always have to travel to exotic destinations to find bounties of nature, sometimes they are just next door.
In our next image traveler ReShma Sudeer,  showcases a beautiful sunset from the top of Bhongir Fort. If you are in Hyderabad and want a quick day trip with some heritage + hiking combined then Bhongir Fort is a must visit for you.  Bhongir fort is only about 90 odd KMs from Hyderabad and will take you to the time of Warangal Kings who built many magnificent temples and forts in South India.
I have never even heard of this natural arch that Sharanya Chowdhury aka I am Sharo,  shares with us. On first look I thought it is one of those famed Mediterranean Islands. But how wrong  I was this is in our own Andaman Islands. So go ahead book your tickets, here is one more reason to visit the Andaman Islands.
Aswathy Venugopal, is our next traveler and if you visit here timeline you will find a kaleidoscope of colors from nature ranging from flowers to clouds and birds to squirrels. She sure enjoys capturing the beauty of nature. In this picture, she shares a snow-clad Boise in Idaho USA. But don’t miss the colorful houses that stand out in stark contrast to the white blanket that earth is wearing.
Next Rohit U.Y,  takes us on an adventure trip in Sandhan Valley, in Sahyadri range near Ahmednagar in Maharastra. The images show him just ready to rappel down into the unknown, a sure shot adrenalin rush moment for anybody.

Featured Traveler Ritu Sushila Krishan aka Bhogi Jogi

Our featured traveler for this digest is Ritu Sushila Krishan,  our next traveler is a tough one to follow. I mean how many women travelers ( or men for that matter) who can take a Bullet for a spin to the Khardung La Pass ( the BAAAP of all high mountain passes I am telling you ). I was shivering there in three layers of clothes sitting in a heated car and here she is on her Bullet at 18380 ft above sea level 100 % Haryanvi style ( A sophisticated Haryanvi. MIND IT !!! ) Check out her profile and you will realise she is one of those rare folks who are equally at ease conquering mountains as well as flaunting a saree or doing yoga on a beach?  The cover image in this digest is also of Ritu where she is standing in front of the Neuwachstein Castle in Germany. I am telling you folks desi Travelers are everywhere, just keep your eyes open and you will spot them. May their tribe continue to increase.


I hope you have enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed curating them for the LAZY traveler digest.I would like to thank each of the traveler and photographer who have shared their wonderful images from India and abroad with a promise to be more regular with the monthly desi Traveler digest. Please continue to share your travel images with #desiTraveler and it does not hurt if you follow desi Traveler on Instagram.


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  5. Awesome posts. Greetings to all.

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