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May 2018 Calendar Wallpaper A Fisherman in Inle Lake Myanmar

Dear readers once again let us go back to the Inle Lake in Myanmar that once again appears on the monthly calendar on desi Traveler blog. While the more popular images from Inle lake are of the fisherman with there unique fishing nets doing fishing around sunset, I chose to share this picture as this showcases the placid waters and the calm surroundings of the Inle Lake. This is exactly how the fishermen have fished in the waters of Inle Lake for countless generations and a society developed not just around the lake but also in its shallow waters you can find bazaars, guest houses, and even Buddhists monasteries.

When you are moving around the Inle Lake now and then you will encounter a small village that will have workshops of blacksmiths, cheroot rolling factories, and even local textile production units. But above all, you will meet the fishermen who go out daily in the lake to fish and form the backbone of the economy around Inle Lake. Many fishermen have now adopted modern technology with motorized boats etc. but at for all practical purposes, the earlier method of catching fish and rowing the boat with one leg still prevails.

Hopefully, I will soon get out of my Lazy Blogger mode and soon start writing more regularly about some of the journeys I have taken, in the meantime, I hope you will like and share the May 2018 travel calendar featuring a hardworking fisherman from Inle Lake in Myanmar.

Here are the 3 sizes of the May 2018 Desktop Calendar 

2100 px wide

1600 px wide

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Free Download May 2018 Desktop Calendar - Fisherman Inle Lake Myanmar

May 2018 Desktop Calendar – Fisherman Inle Lake Myanmar

As always the May 2018 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper is available in 3 sizes that you can download by right clicking and save on your PC and use it as desktop wallpaper cum calendar. My humble gift to the wonderful readers of desi Traveler blog. Also if some of you are interested please do share your images on Instagram with #desiTraveler and I will pick up my favorite ones and share them here on the blog. I have missed the last two episodes of the desi Traveler digest but trust me the next one is in pipeline for sure.

By the way, do you remember when Inle Lake first appeared on the desi Travel Calendar?  


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  1. Never knew that you also publish travel wallpapers for your readers.
    Saving it.
    Thanks buddy

  2. This calendar has so many great pictures. I’ve been enjoying each of them.
    Happy May! (although half the month is done already — almost at least) 😀

  3. good blog post, thanks for sharing the article.

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