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January 2016 calendar desktop wallpaper : Punjab de Sarson Ke Khet 

Dear readers Happy New Year 2016 from your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler

In January as well as December of 2015 I visited the granary of India, the land blessed by pious gurus whose blessings and teachings guide the valiant Sikhs, where the water of five rivers nurtures the golden Sarson ke Khet of Punjab. Indeed when you talk about Punjab ( Punj = 5, Aab = Water so Punjab = the land nurtured by of 5 rivers ) first thing that comes to mind is the golden-yellow Sarson ke Khet. That is exactly the theme of our January 2016 Calendar for desi Traveler. But as it is the beginning of the year I am sharing 2 images here to give you choice. The second picture is also of Sarson Ke Khet but surrounded by Poplar Trees, on the periphery of the fields.  If you read my last post of 2015, they you will see that the original post on Sarson Ke Khet is one of the top 10 travel blog post shared by readers.

Here I would like to remind all of you that all the printed calendars to the winners of the desi Calendar 2016 contest are already shipped and most of the winners have already received their calendars.

Now coming back to the pictures, while the first picture with bullock cart with blooming mustard fields was clicked in evening around sunset, the second picture was made in morning. To make it seem like a warm glowing sunset a bit ( or may be too much!) post processing was done.  In order to bring out the warm glow it was processed in Lightroom with saturating the orange slider for colors but the real warmth was brought up by increasing the temperature of the image was increased to almost double to bring out the glowing orange.

My 2015 began with a trip to Jim Corbett and second trip was to Punjab, where I went again in December 2015, making it my 2nd trip to Punjab in the year.

So here are the images available in following sizes

Sarson Ke Khet:

January 2016 Calendar Wallpaper Download

January 2016 Calendar Wallpaper Download Sarson Ke Khet

1024 px,

1600 px 

2100 px 

Just click on the link you would like to download and save the January 2016 desktop wallpaper calendar from desi Traveler.

Poplar Trees in Punjab:

Poplar trees punjab : January 2016 Calendar Wallpaper Download

Poplar Trees around Sarson Ke Khet 

1024 px

1600 px

2100 px

You are welcome to download, like and share the calendars  further.

The second trip to Punjab was on invitation of Punjab Tourism coordinated by Travel Correspondents and Bloggers Group curated by Alka Kaushik and Puneetinder K Sidhu, both accomplished travel writers and incurable wanderers.

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  1. Lovely pictures, simply breathtaking.

  2. Awesome photography I must say … happily sitting at my desk at work 🙂

  3. These are beautiful pictures. Perfect fit for my wallpaper :).

  4. Love both the pictures. Very beautiful!

  5. that is so gorgeous 🙂

  6. You have two pictures for one month, this time?
    Beautiful pictures.

    The colours and shades and the silhouettes in the tree pictures is simply awesome.

    Happy New Year DesiTraveler.

  7. Awesome pics, Thank you 🙂

  8. Beautiful, beautiful calendar, everyone at home loved it so much and I was so glad to see sarson ke khet in January, Punjab/Amritsar is very high in my bucket list of places I wish to visit in 2016!

  9. Those trees, that is a smashing picture!

  10. Lovely desktop calendars..

    wishing you and family a very happy new year Sir….

  11. The first one with sarson flowers is beautiful. Loved it.

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