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An Indian Family trip to Goa: What Indian Families can do in Goa

When I was a kid a family vacation meant going to my grandparent’s homes every year during summer vacations as we lived in different cities. My Nani and Dadi showered their blessings on us and secretly competed for the title for favorite grandmother. Sometimes we visited a few pilgrim places like Rishikesh, Haridwar etc. The biggest attraction was going to hills like Simla,  that was our favorite hill station as nobody has heard about Leh,  Sikkim or other exotic names you talk today. Trips to wildlife sanctuaries were almost unheard of, and only professional photographers like Rajesh Bedi in those days visited wildlife sanctuaries. And Goa was almost like a fairy tale destination that one hoped to visit one day with family.

Mario Miranda cartoon tile Goa

Goa in a painted tile based on Mario Miranda Cartoon

The point I am trying to make is that we Indians love to travel as a family and a vacation is not a vacation if the family is not together to enjoy every moment. I still remember my first visit to Goa with my wife and daughter when we enjoyed everything from visiting the St. Xavier Church in Old Goa to masti on beach and tons of Shopping in Goa from painted tiles to sea shells and cashews.  So recently when I saw this Goa video shared by Mr. Chandrasekhar Singh a very passionate photographer and a complete family man and somebody I always approach for any help I need ( he was kind enough to Judge  the #desInk2014 Election Selfie Contest here) , I could not resist to ask for his permission to share the same on  desi Traveler. I was even happy to know that the video is actually made by his talented son Anurag Singh.  He conceptualized and shot and edited the video to capture some lovely family moments in Goa.  I have tried to make some videos in past, and know it very well how difficult it is to shoot them without being shaky, mix music, edit and tell a story in less than 3 minutes.  Do check the video and see Goa from eyes of an Indian Family on a vacation.

As you can see it is a complete family video of how we Indians love to travel as a family and enjoy on vacation, simple joys like eating  a Bhutta on the beach ( Corn on the cob), discuss what to order, and share a bottle of cold drink with family are the joys that we Indians cherish.  Because we believe by sharing our love multiplies. You can check more videos by Anurag Singh here and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more awesome videos.

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  1. There are lots of families here now traveling for monsoon! It’s lovely.

  2. indeed .. its always fun to go with family .. this time when i went to india I moved with a entourage as I wanted to spend all the time with family so I made sure I took them along also on MY holiday 🙂 not sure if they enjoyed but i sure did

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