Sep 232014
Varpu or Uruli- Reinventing a Kerala Heirloom

  Varpu: From Ayurveda & making feasts to decorating hotels One of the first thing I noticed in Kerala in almost every single hotel was a round, shallow vessel filled with water and flowers floating on it. Now it was nothing new as now it is a common practice to find such vessels or Varpu in many places in India. But I had no idea that this tradition also started in God’s Own Country. But like so many things Varpu has also undergone a metamorphosis. Originally  Varpu, a large cauldron made from cast bronze was used to make Ayurveda Medicines [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 082014
My First Kerala Massage

desi gets his first Kerala Massage Folks, here is a different kind of post, about my Kerala Massage, that I experienced in Kerala.  After I finished the post I realized it is not your regular travel blog kind of post. So I emailed  Her Highness of Humor, the multi-award winning blogger, columnist Purba Ray, for a request for a guest post on her insanely popular blog:  A-musing. I wrote the mail and forgot about it for I was very sure she would trash it, I mean we are talking here about A-Musing, the most decorated humor blog in India, [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Mar 262014
Ayurveda Treatment: How to choose a Holistic Ayurveda Treatment Center

 How to choose an Ayurveda Treatment  Spa or Resort: Ayurveda is the oldest medicine science in the world, and was conceived, researched and practiced in India from the times of Vedas. Ayurveda means the knowledge of life. Ancient Indians researched thousands on plants, foods and discovered the medicinal plants that mother nature has gifted us. Used wisely these herbs in combination with lifestyle changes and Yoga can do wonders to your health. Although Ayurveda is practiced throughout India, it is in Kerala it is practiced in its purest and holistic form. Every resort that we visited had a holistic [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]