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August 2019 Wallpaper Calendar – Satpura National Park A Night Camp by Denwa River

August is the month of our Independence day in India as we won back our independence from British Raj on 15th August 1947As a traveler when I think of freedom, I also think of our vast wilderness that spreads from the Changthang plateau in Ladakh to the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala and everything in between from the Great Rann of Kutch to the Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh. But for the August 2019 Wallpaper Calendar, we have this image I made in the heart of India just outside the Satpura National Park. This is the buffer zone of Satpura on the banks of Denwa River where I have stayed in a camp set up by Pugdundee Safaris.

Of all the national parks I have been to Satpura is the most mystical jungle, and I don’t say this is what was said by the poet Bhavani Prasad Mishra in his famous poem

Satpura Kay Ghaney Jungle 

That I have shared in an earlier post when I featured an image from Satpura. This current image for August 2019 Wallpaper Calendar was clicked in a later visit when I camped on the banks of Betwa.

The small stream you see in the image is what actually grows into Denwa River, but here at the campsite it was just a shallow stream but teaming with aquatic life nevertheless from small fishes to restless tadpoles to the odd Kingfisher who was trying his best to avoid my camera during the day we could see a lot of activities . Somewhere after a bend in the river hiding on a small island in the middle of the river, we even spotted a pack of Dhole ( Indian Wild Dogs ). I am not sure what they were doing, as Dhole are not known to hunt for fish, maybe they were just having some fun before they went on a serious hunting expedition? Who knows

Coming back to this image for the August 2019 Wallpaper Calendar, it was made after dusk during the blue hour. I had to stand carefully on a rock in the middle of the river balancing my tripod carefully. Though the water was not flowing fast, it was cold and the rocks beneath were slippery due to algae formation. One careless move and all my equipment would have landed in the water.  But luckily nothing happened and I was able to get this shot. Though I missed on some of the golden glow as by the time I could set my equipment the golden hour was gone and I only had a blue light. Maybe I will get a better one on my next visit.

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Free download August 2019 Wallpaper calendar night camp Satpura National Park Madhya Pradesh India

August 2019 Wallpaper Calendar A Night Camp Satpura National Park

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  2. Beautiful pic.

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