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Hello August, are you too bored like rest of us? How about going back in time to the traopical island of Arborek, in Raja Ampat Indonesia. The more I think about the spreading Covid situation, the more I think there is merit to live in an isolated community in a tropical island. Well philosphy aside, given a choice Covid or no Covid, I would love to visit this tiny island in Indonesia again and that is why after 3 years, we have Raja Ampat once again on the August 2020 Wallpaper Calendar, to revive the memories of the Trip of Wonders, organised by Ministry of Tourism Indonesia.

There is already a detailed post about Arborek Island on the desi Traveler blog so I will not go into the details about the same, but do suggest you check out the earlier post about Arborek to learn more about this island that is less than 10 minutes walk in either direction but still I got lost without even making an effort.

Here are the download links to the August 2020 Wallpaper Calendar that features this beach hut on the tropical island of Arborek in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The August 2020 Wallpaper Calendar is available in 3 sizes and you can download as per your need, totally free. This is my way of saying thanks to my wonderful readers who are inspiration behind this little hobby blog.

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1600 Px

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Free download August 2020 Wallpaper Calendar featuring a beach hut in Arborek island Raja Ampat Indonesia
August 2020 Wallpaper Calendar Beach Hut in Arborek Island Raja Ampat Indonesia

Dear Travelers I would like to wish you a safe August and pray you and your family remain safe in these testing times. May I also request you to tag me on Instagram on your images of places you would love to visit once we return to safer times and I would love to share them in my stories. Just tag me @desiTraveler and use #desiTraveler for me to discover your images.

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