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So we are in September of 2020, will it change anything? Will things remain the same? I have no answers only questions that I keep asking myself and pray that hopefully the worst is over and we are heading towards better months and years ahead. A new month also means a new desi Traveler Calendar, and for September 2020 Wallpaper Calendar I am sharing the Masrur Temples of Kangra in Himachal. Though I have been to Kangra earlier , but could never visit the Masrur temples due to various reasons.

In my last visit to Kangra, I was lucky and I not only was able to visit the Masrur Temples that are also called Masroor Temples are the monolithic structure that for some reason was never completed. Later with the change of times and regimes, they were plundered by greedy humans and damaged by forces of nature during the earthquakes of Kangra. But even with all the destructions, the Masrur temples can take your breath away especially on a day when the wind stands still and the sun shines bright. Just stand in front of the Masrur Temples and watch there reflection in the sacred pond in front, that is the highlight of this September 2020 Wallpaper Calendar.

The temples are now a protected monument under the management of the Archeological Survey of India and are well maintained. Surprisingly even in the busy tourist season, there were hardly any visitors, but that only added to the charms of the Masrur temples as I could photograph to my heart’s desire from various angles. Would you like to see a complete post on the same besides this highlight on the September 2020 Wallpaper Calendar?

So here is the link to download your 100 % free copy of the September 2020 Wallpaper Calendar featuring the magnificent Rock Cut temples of Masrur, in Kangra Himachal Pradesh.

As always you can download the free September 2020 Wallpaper Calendar in 3 sizes

1024 Px wide

1600 Px wide

2100 px wide

Free downloand September 2020 Wallpaper Calendar Masrur Temples Kangra Himachal Pradesh
Downloand Free Copy of Spetember 2020 Wallpaper Calendar
Masroor Temples or Rock-cut Temples at Masrur , Kangra Himachal

How To reach Masrur Temples in Kangra :  The Masrur Temples are about 45 KM from the popular tourist town of Dharamshala and McLeodganj, I stayed in Garli Heritage village at Chateau Garli, that I would highly reccomend whenver you are traveling to Kangra. From Kangra town the Masrur Rock-Cut temples are about 35 KM. Most of the road was good and well maintained. There are aslo Himachal Roadways local buses avaialble, that have a scheduled stop at Masrur Temples and you can check the timetable for them. 

Fellow travelers I would like to wish you a safe September and I hope we will all soon look back at these times of Covid and thank the almighty one to keep us safe. I hope these times will soon be only memories and we will start traveling safely again.

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