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So July is here, not that we noticed or went anywhere in April / May or June, yet July is here. This means half the year 2020 is gone, a good 6 months of the good year are gone of which 3 months in lockdown in our own home praying for the safety of all around us.

So without any expectations except for good health for all, dear reader let me share the July 2020 Wallpaper Calendar that I clicked from a Gondola in Patnitop when another Gondola passed by.

This Cable Car ride is in every essence what they call ” The Journey is the destination”, you are perched high above the ground in a Cabin with glass walls on all 4 sides. As the Gondola rises in the sky your heart starts pumping faster, I could see a drop of sweat on one of my fellow travelers but soon as you rise above the villages below the deodars start becoming smaller, but never small enough to lose there identity. Soon you understand the meaning of 65 Meters ground clearance and the longest span of 849 meters between two of the towers. But time is of the essence and every side of the Gondola offers a different view, behind you is the Sun in the background on your right is the villages with colorful rooftops and you can actually see people working on the roofs. Then as you rise you start noticing the white peaks in distance and the colorful houses and hotels in the Patnitop town. The wait was that a stray cloud that just passed right next to your Gondola? And what is that below moving below you on the Deodars? Is that the shadow of Gondola and yes that for sure is a wild brook that will see a full flow if you come in monsoons.

Here are the download links to the free July 2020 Wallpaper Calendar in high resolution. The calendar is available in 3 sizes each in high resolution good enough to make your wallpaper as well as take high-quality printouts. To download the free July 2020 Wallpaper Calendar just click on the links below and save as per your need.

2100 PX

1600 PX

1024 PX

Sunset Gondola Patnitop Wallpaper Calendar July 2020
July 2020 Wallpaper Calendar features a Gondola during Sunset in Patnitop

Fellow travelers I would like to wish you a safe July and pray you and your family remain safe in these testing times. May I also request you to tag me on Instagram on your images of places you would love to visit once we return to safer times and I would love to share them in my stories. Just tag me @desiTraveler and use #desiTraveler for me to discover your images.

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  1. Stunning view, Brilliant shot.
    Stay well.

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