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The Frangipani Tree & Temple in Hampi Karnataka: February 2021 Wallpaper Calendar

This post is about the February 2021 Wallpaper calendar featuring a small hilltop temple in Hampi Karnataka. Now I have not traveled in 2020, so I wanted to cancel the 2020 Calendar and calendar contest as I did not have any recent pictures to share on the monthly calendar. While regularly I use old images for the monthly calendar, the ratio is always skewed in favor of more recent trips. But then I thought why to cancel the calendar and the contest as that is one of the few things that keep me disciplined and keeps this blog alive. So I approached 3 accomplished photographers and travelers from whom I have learned whatever little I know about photography, and I am not proud to say that but  I must be their most lousy student looking at my images. Anyways so to continue the tradition of the monthly calendar and annual desi Traveler Calendar contest, I requested my friends and mentors at Darter Photography to give me some of their images to share here on the monthly calendar.

So here we are with the first image of the desi Traveler Calendar that was made by Cofounder of Darter Photography and globally acclaimed travel and people photographer Arun Bhat. I have been fortunate enough to travel with Arun on a few occasions and learn from him first hand. Although I have been to Hampi, I have never been there with Arun and after seeing this image I am sure you too would love to travel with him and make amazing images.

A little bit about this small hilltop temple that Arun clicked in Hampi. This temple is actually not in the main Virupaksha Temple complex but on a nearby hillock where there are many ruins of temples, mandapams, and other structures that have lost their glory due to vagaries of time but still retain their charisma.  This small temple is a favorite of photographers but the real magic is added by two elements a bare Frangipani tree that god knows how grew on top of this solid rock and the magical sunsets that Hampi offers to anybody who is patient enough to stay back for those 15 minutes when the Sun decides to paint the sky in magical colors.

BTW are you aware that sometimes Hampi is called one of the largest open air museum in world, considering there are so many historical temples, palaces, monuments everywhere. Even just bare rocks you will find some idols carved some complete and some left half made as if suddenly the idol makers have to leave never to return to complete there work.

Coming back to the February 2021 Wallpaper Calendar, which has an image of a Frangipani Tree and Temple in Hampi Karnataka please click on the links below and download as per your need. The calendar wallpaper is available in 3 Sizes

2100 Px wide

1600 Px wide

1024 Px wide


Frangipani Tree Hampi Temple Karnataka

February 2021 Wallpaper Calendar Frangipani Tree & Hilltop Temple Hampi- Image by Arun Bhat 


You are welcome to download, print, and share the February 2021 Wallpaper Calendar on social media, but please do not use these images for any kind of commercial purpose as they are copyrighted to the photographer – Arun Bhat.

Do check his amazing work on his website >  Painted Stork  

Which will also take you to his travel blog > India Travel & Photography Blog  

Which is one of the earlier travel and photography blogs in  India, long before calling once a Blogger and later Influencer became a thing.

And while you are reading this here is a Twitter thread to make your day > Check some amazing collection of images Arun has shared from Hampi. in this thread 🙂

Also, check more about Darter Photography  here


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