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January 2021 Wallpaper Calendar – A Farmer’s Daughter In Assam


Finally the 2020 is over, never have we waited for a year to end as we have waited for 2020 to back in history books, hopefully never to be found again except to linger in an odd nightmare. I do hope all the sorrows that 2020 brought with it will be drowned in a vial of vaccine that 2021 has promised to bring with it. So dear reader welcome to 2021 a year that brings new hopes like never before.  As I could not travel anywhere in 2020 I clicked very few images so I almost cancelled the 2021 calendar as well as the contest till I got an idea which led to the launch of the 2021 Calendar, I will share more of that next mont as of now let me share with you details about the January 2021 Wallpaper Calendar.
With this post I am sharing both the January 2021 Wallpaper Calendar as well as the Cover image for the 2021 Calendar that summarises my 2020 in a nutshell, standing in our balcony and look at the empty roads below except for the odd times when somebody will hurridely come of there home to get a delivery or these workers fumigating our society premises for mosquitoes and insects.
Fumigation and disinfection as seen from balcony

My 2020 in a nutshell, stand in balcony and see the world below

I clicked this image standing in the balcony and it took me more than a month of listening to the sound of the fumigation machine before I got the shot I was looking for. Anyways coming to the January 2021 Wallpaper Calendar image, that I clicked on a roadtrip in Assam. We were returning from Hornbill festival in Nagaland and somewhere in Assam we saw these women working on harvesting paddy in their fields. As you know sun sets early in the eastern part of the country and our drivers wanted to cover as much distance as possible during daylight but they were kind enough to stop on our request as we ventured into the fields and requested the women and there kids if we could photograph them.  While I have many images from that short stop near paddy fields this image is my favorite as I really loved the little girl’s colorful dress against the golden paddy waiting to be harvested. The little girl reluctantly stood in front of me while I framed the shot ensuring her mother who after a broad smile went back to work in background, was also in frame. The golden hue you see on the face of the girl and the paddy in the fields in thanks to the early evening golden moments of the Sun.
Girl in paddy field Assam India

January 2021 Wallpaper Calendar – A girl in paddy field Assam India

I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed narrating the same.  If you like the image you are welcome to download the same by right clicking the links below. As always the image is available in 3 sizes for your use. 

2100 px wide

1600 px wide

1024 px wide

Please feel free to download the January 2021 Wallpaper Calendar images, print them, use them as your wallpaper or share them further on social media. With this I would like to wish all the readers of desi Traveler Blog lots of health, wealth and happy travels in 2021.

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  1. love your blogs,
    Keep uploading more.
    Good luck cheers!

  2. Both are such great shots.
    The first one is unique.
    Love the story in the second. I like that you decided to keep the mother in the background making the picture talk about the mothers who take their kids to work. It’s lovely.

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