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For the March 2021 Wallpaper Calendar let us visit one of the last surviving rainforests in India, the land of a million critters Agumbe in Karnataka. In all honesty Agumbe is a bit of an enigma even for the best of wildlife photographers, as most wildlife photographers chase the big cats in India, while others are avid birders and will spend countless days and weeks trying to catch glimpse of those rare species of birds both endemic as well as our guests that come from far flung places like cold deserts of Central Asia and can be seen in wetlands like Bharatpur and grasslands like Tal Chapar, not many are keen to look at the smaller flora and fauna that a rainforest is home to.

 I have never been to Agumbe, once I saw images made by Shreeram MV ( who has also clicked & kindly shared this image of Malabar Gliding Frog aka Rhacophorus malabaricus for March 2021 Wallpaper Calendar ), that I realised what I have been missing. From the King Cobra to the snakes that the King Cobra eats, to the smaller mammals, reptiles, amphibians that the snakes eat,  to countless insects, centipedes, millipeds, beetles, frogs, crabs, fungii, flowers, ferns, moss, the possibilities to find oppurtunities to learn, and photograph wild flora and fauna are endless in evey inch of a rainforest and that is where this image of Malabar Gliding Frog was made by Shreeram MV on one of his many trips.

Coming back to the March 2021 Wallpaper Calendar that features the Malabar Gliding Frog clicked by Shreeram MV , you can  download the high resolution images from the links below and save them on your PC, mobile, laptop etc. as per the size you need.

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Free download March 2021 Wallpaper Calendar

Free Download > Malabar Gliding Frog  March 2021 Wallpaper Calendar


You are welcome to download, print, and share the February 2021 Wallpaper Calendar on social media, but please do not use these images for any kind of commercial purpose as they are copyrighted to the photographer – Shreeram MV and any unauthorised use is a violation of both Indian and International copyright laws.

Do check his amazing work on his Instagram >  Shreeram MV  

Shreeram’s work has been published around the world in prestigious magazines, newspapers both in print and online media.

Shreeram leads wildlife photography trips to around the world from Artic circle to Antartica and from grasslands of Africa to grasslands in Rajasthan and offcoure to the magical rainforests of Agumbe for Darter Photography



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  1. Oh wow! That’s a wonderful shot.
    I hope you get to go see the wonders of Agumbe, once you get your vaccine and things are better. 🙂

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