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Download Free Copy of January 2019 Wallpaper Calendar from Kumaon


Happy New Year Travelers 🙂 

Many thanks for participating in the annual desi Traveler Calendar Contest. The winners were announced sometime back on my Instagram account and all the calendars were shipped in last week of December. Most of the winners have received their calendars as I saw their posts on Instagram & Facebook.  Those of you have not won the calendar here is your monthly soft copy of the desi Traveler Wallpaper Calendar all yours to download, like & share with your friends & family.



desi Traveler 2019 Wallpaper Calendar

desi Traveler 2019 Calendar Cover page


The above image is the cover image of the calendar that shows sunrise in the Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon.  The January image that I am sharing below is of 2 horses ( or were they Mules ? ) I found in a serene riverside meadow in Kumaon and I clicked it during the Bloggers Bus trip to Kumaon. Below is the story of the image that I have shared on my Instagram earlier.

The Grass Was Green On Both Sides Of The BloggersBus⠀

Once Swami Vivekananda stayed in the temple on the banks of this languid river that defied all stereotypes of a wild mountain book. Perhaps the calmness of the scenery attracted the wise one to stay here for a few days when he was traveling in the Himalayas.⠀
The quaint temple is popular among locals and the odd tourist/travelers like us who like to get down to the river bank. As I walk towards the large temple bell to ring it, I see 2 mules in a distance peacefully munching on the green grass lovingly nurtured by the slow river. Life for sure here is not in the fast lane. Neither the mules nor the lonely cloud stuck in the trees on the peak above and certainly not the river is in any hurry. The valley below is straight out of a Nat Geo documentary about the Himalayas only I am not in front of my TV but watching it live. Blessed is the valley where the grass is green on both sides of the River :)⠀

Free download January 2019 Wallpaper Calendar

January 2019 Wallpaper Calendar

You can download the January 2019 Wallpaper Calendar in 3 sizes

2100 px wide on the long edge

1600 px wide on the long edge

1024 px wide on the long edge


With this I wish you a very happy & prosperous new year, may you reach new journeys in your life, for the journey is the destination.

Also if you are wondering who all are the winners of the 2019 desi Traveler Contest you can check this post on Instagram here. The series on Kumaon Can be read here >

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  1. its a nice wallpaper, loved it. Kindly upload more if you have.

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  7. First of all thanks a lot for your ” desi Traveler 2019 Calendar ” ,
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