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Download Free Copy of March 2019 Wallpaper Calendar – Singapore Merlion in Night

I was initially in two minds whether to include this long exposure image of Singapore Merlion in the annual calendar or not as it has been used for the promotion of the annual desi Traveler Calendar Contest on various social media. But then many of the readers who participated in the contest mentioned in messages to me that they would like to see this image in the desi Traveler Annual Calendar. As I also like this image a lot I decided to keep this image for March 2019 Wallpaper Calendar though initially, my thought was to keep it for later months.  But then there were images that were more suited to the months coming ahead based on the theme, season, stories behind them etc hence March was the month that was best suited for Merlion in Night picture.

I don’t want to repeat the story as well as technical details as to how this image for March 2019 Wallpaper Calendar was clicked. Both the story as well the technique used for clicking these images can be found in this earlier blog post > 

What To Photograph In Singapore At Night

Singapore Night Photography

Photographing Singapore In Night

If you still have any questions about the same you can always ask them to me in comments and I will try my best to answer them here


The download links to your free copy of March 2019 Wallpaper Calendar featuring Singapore Merlion in Night are below. All you need to do is right-click on these links and save the image as per your need. You don’t have to fill any forms, sign up for any newsletter etc. ( though it would be nice if you follow the blog via email or on social media 🙂  )

2100 px wide on the long edge
1600 px wide on the long edge
1024 px wide on the long edge

Download Free March 2019 Wallpaper Calendar

Free Download March 2019 Wallpaper Calendar Merlion Singapore in Night

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  1. That’s a super cool pic.
    Merlion is quite an icon, no?

  2. Great Post ! I think this a wonderful travel places All over India. I like very much. Great !!!

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