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Hanuman & Priest 

So we return to  Travel Tuesday picture after a long time.  The image was clicked at Sitaram Bagh Temple in Hyderabad when I visited the same on the 180th anniversary of the temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ram and was actually built by Marwari trading family from Rajasthan, who still are trustees of the Sitaram Bagh Temple.  I have totally missed all the craze around Bajrangi Bhaijan the super hit Salman Khan Movie but brwosing through some pictures when I came across this picture of Hanuman ji and a priest, I could not smile and remember that our very own Hanuman jee is the original Super hero. Just look at his super powers

  • Can Fly
  • Can Change size ( remember Sursa episode when he was crossing the sea )
  • Is totally selfless and dedicated to destroying the bad guys
  • Was not aware of his own powers for a long time till the awakening

So my theory ( actually belief ) is that all the later super heroes, are just a crude copy of the original our very own Hanuman, and I say this with utmost of respect and as somebody who has recited Hanuman Chalisa many times when walking alone in night.


Hanuman and Priest

As it was a day of major celebrations at the temple, all the priests were busy in various preparations for the special pooja. As I was watching all the activities at the temple I clicked a few pictures in the temple. One of them is the main header picture of desi Traveler Blog.   I initially thought of giving some nice caption to the picture but then decide to stick to the simple: Hanuman and Priest as it kind of captures everything in the picture. If you are a history buff, do visit the main post about Sitram Bagh Temple and see more pictures and story about the same.

There is an incomplete series on Temples of Hyderabad on desi Traveler ( Still work in Progress) But if you have missed some of those you can check them

Also check the post about Birthplace of Hanuman ( No it was not Hyderabad, check the post to find out )

So what do you say. Do you have a caption in mind for the picture above ?  If you are in Hyderabad how many of these temples you have visited ? I am yet to write about a few historical temples of Hyderabad can you name them  ?


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  1. Nice post Prasad. Incidentally, Hanuman is also one of my 2 favorite Gods. A friend in need and omnipresent.

  2. Lovely click. I have not been to this temple in Hyderabad but have been to the big Hanuman Temple at Secunderabad. There is another smaller one at Tarbund that I visited frequently.

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