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180 Year Celebrations of Sitaram Bagh Temple Hyderabad

Surrounded by gnarled, but majestic Tamarind and Mango trees in  Mangalghat  a busy suburb in Hyderabad I discovered the 180 year old Sitaram Bagh Temple, founded by Ganeriwal family  180 years ago.  I visited the temple as part of a HWS team to click pictures of the celebrations of 180 years of establishing the temple in Hyderabad, which was ruled by Nizams during those days.  I think their cannot be a better example of secular traditions of Hyderabad that the temple was given a Jagir (land ) by the Nizam to take care of its expenses.

A priest at Sitaram Bagh Temple

A Priest At Sitaram Bagh Temple

Today the temple and the garden surrounding it are a stark pleasant contrast to the spreading concrete all around it. You pass through a beautiful path arriving at its majestic gate, that will give a tough competition to the gate of Golconda Fort. Unlike any other old temple in Hyderabad like the Chilkur Balaji and Ranganath Temple, which are built in traditional south Indian Style, Sitaram Bagh temple Mangalghat is unique in its design. The entrance is built like a South Indian temple, the followed by huge multiple courtyards, with Chettinad style pillars.  You have to pass through 3 courtyards to reach the last one where the sanctum sanctorum is situated, build like a Spanish villa with  facade that is a blend  Mughal, Rajput and Chettinad style.

Carnatic musicians playing drum in Sitaram Bagh temple courtyard

Musicians Playing  Sacred Songs in the Courtyard

But all these style have been blended aesthetically and there lays the beauty of the Sitaram Bagh temple. The green doors of the main temple are bordered by saffron pillars, on a white building; you feel you are looking at the tricolor of India, under boundary less azure. Each courtyard has many small and big shrines dedicated to different deities, the courtyard also have a treasure of various items like chariots, drums, old cupboards and idols used during various festivals.

preparations for celebrations in sitaram bagh temple Hyderabad

Getting Ready For Puja at Sitaram Bagh Temple

When I reached the temple in the morning with Missus in tow, there priests were still preparing for the mahaabhishekam and puja. There were a hundred things going on in the temple, preparation of yagna, decoration and shringar (makeup) of the deities, announcements by priests and melodious live music was floating in the air.  A beautiful Rangoli depicting the worship of Lord Shiva by Ram, Luxman and Hanuman was made in one of the courtyards.

Rangoli design with Ram Luxman and Shiva

Rangoli Made for Celebrations

But I was looking for somebody to explain me about the happenings in the temple and its history in detail. This is when lady luck smiled on me and I started chatting with elderly gentlemen whom I thought was a priest. He kindly agreed to speak to me on camera and to my delight he turned out to be more than a priest. Please check the video below to find out who he is.

I hope you liked the video, and will forgive me for my amateur attempt, but I hope it is better than the Telia Tiger cub video. What do you say?  The Ganeriwal family that founded the temple is one of  of the most respected and oldest Marwari family in India. As the temple completed 180 years, today a special puja was performed and the main courtyard was used to conduct a yagna (fire worship) with many priests following complete ancient Hindu rituals as per the Vedas.

An old south indian couple arriving at sitaram bagh temple

An Old Couple Arrives At Sitaram Bagh Temple

Shree Anant Prasad Ganeriwal at Sitaram Bagh Temple Hyderabad

3 Wise Men- Shree Anant Prasad Ganeriwal with priests

monkey in temple of Sitaram Bagh Hyderabad

The Main Temple Is Reached After 3 Courtyards


Sitaram Bagh Temple Mangalghat Hyderabad

Sitaram Bagh Temple Mangalghat Hyderabad


Timings To Visit Sitaram Bagh Temple : 5:30 am to 11 30 am and 5 pm to 8  pm every day.

How To Reach Sitaram Bagh Temple Mangalghat : The temple is easily approachable from Mehdipattnam as well as from Nampally.  Below is the map to reach Sitaram Bagh Temple in Hyderabad.

I must say I was very fortunate to have witnessed this historic occasion and meet Shri Anant Prasad L. Ganeriwal in person who is the trustee of temple for more than half a century.  He very kindly explained to me the history of the temple and the existence of another temple built by the same ancestor Shri Puranmal Ganeriwala in Pushkar, a holy town in Rajasthan. I am looking forward to visit that temple also one of these days. Keep watching this place.  I must also thank Mr. Rajesh Pamnani and Mr. Kishore Nagarigari for inviting me to visit the Sitaram Bagh Temple and  to be part of its 180 year celebrations.

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  1. I used to visit the temple in 1962/1963. My friend Vijaya Raghavan and his family lived on temple premises. His father was the preacher at the temple during those days. Vijay also had an older brother who attended Andhra Vidyalaya School . I lost contact with my friend. Heard he became a Chartered Accountant.

  2. Hello there,

    I checked your post a few weeks ago, and I have visited the temple twice recently and I feel like going there every day. Such a tranquil and splendid place not far from the city. Thanks for the pics and the details.

  3. @Pratap Np: Thanks so much for the info on cam/lens 🙂 Indeed a good one and your work on capturing the great frames!
    I hope Rahul Basu : http://desitraveler.com/birthplace-of-hanuman-and-temples-of-hampi/ was having great time with his Canon as well 🙂

  4. Hello DesiTraveler Team,
    The pictures are of very brilliant quality and nice ones with compositions
    May I please know which dslr/lens you used to capture these?
    Thank you so much!

  5. very beautiful temple

  6. looks great and really loved that door 🙂

  7. Looks like a very beautiful temple and your pictures make is look even more beautiful. Enjoyed reading the post.

  8. Nice temple and nice pictures as well. Interesting to note that it stayed intact during the Nizams rule.

  9. Great cultural and heritage site!
    The Temple looking beautiful and peaceful to visit. and post presents a useful information to visit for tourists.

  10. I have heard of this temple, but never went beyond Asif nagar. Lovely place.

  11. Telling captures. Interesting piece.

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