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How To Choose Best Honeymoon Destinations With Expedia

Most countries have four seasons,  Spring, Summer, Rains, and Winter, but our great country of India has the 5th season, it is called the Wedding Season. The main wedding season in most parts of India is from October to February during the winters. There are many reasons for this wedding season, as earlier our ancestors were mainly farmers and the winters after the sowing season was a relatively free time. As the weather is also much pleasant during winters in most parts of India, this makes perfect sense to plan a wedding during winters. But the wedding is only part of the equation. Most urban folks after wedding want to go on a Honeymoon that they want to remember for a lifetime.

Which brings me as the favorite go-to guy in our friends and family circle.  Like many Indian families, we too have many a wedding lined up in our family in the coming months both mine, as well as Wife, jee’s side of the family. Whenever we are told to block dates for an upcoming marriage in the family,  I am also asked, ” Where do you suggest our Son/daughter should go for honeymoon.” I guess this is the perk of being the travel blogger in the family. Hey, I am not complaining about it is the wonderful family members who were the very first and till date the most loyal readers of my blog especially my wife jee. So long story short a few days ago my favorite niece got engaged and immediately the discussion has moved towards where she and her would be husband should go for honeymoon. If you know Indian families you will know that you don’t just marry a girl or guy you marry the complete family. As soon as I was entrusted the task of finding a perfect place for them to go for honeymoon my travel blogger cum travel researcher avatar got into action albeit with a bit of Nostalgia with a capital N.

Both me and wife jee went back into a flashback when we got married many moons ago and use to discuss our Honeymoon destination for hours together. While wife jee had always liked beaches I have always been fascinated by the mountains, she loves to laze in the pool while I like to go on hikes. But even though we differ on where to go we are always in sync on one thing that no matter where we want to go we always wanted to go there together.  trust me it was not an easy task to plan a Honeymoon in those days. We had to search for information, make 10s of phone calls, search for currency rates, look for hotels that fit our budget and by the time we will complete our search something or other will change either the flights will become unavailable or the hotel will get booked or the destination we would like will have a very cumbersome visa process, that was a pain for us to apply as we were also busy with wedding preparations.

So after hours and hours of discussion, we had zeroed on the tropical island of Phuket in Thailand. But trust me we were so exhausted in the process that I was wondering why planning a Honeymoon is such a pain why can’t there be a magic Genie who can do all the work at the click of a button.  Guess what I recently found that magic genie and it is called the

Expedia Best Honeymoon Destinations

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

Best Honeymoon Destinations – Planning made easy with Expedia

As I was doing research on the best Honeymoon destinations I was happily surprised how easy this planner is to work with. Not only it is just a drag and drop option it also lets you live a few your dreams and fantasies as you plan your honeymoon.  The Expedia Best Honeymoon Destinations planner is aimed at the Indian couples who are looking for a great location outside of India to go for their dream Honeymoon.

The process is very simple just click here on the  Expedia Best Honeymoon Destinations and it takes you to the home page of the planner after that it is just a drag and drop kind of a tool, that anybody can use.

The steps to use the Expedia Best Honeymoon Destinations tool is very simple. It starts with a screen that gives you the option of first choosing the month you want to travel for your Honeymoon.

This automatically filters out destinations where the weather may not be the best one to visit during those months. Once you have chosen the month of your honeymoon it shows you the best destinations around the world for a honeymoon. The next step is you choose a filter on the price. If you are  Mrs. & Mr. Richie Rich you have the whole world as an option, but if you are like most people then you chose your budget range and the filter immediately narrows down your options for a smoother planning. E.g just for research I kept a budget of upto INR 150,000- and the planner gave me 4 destinations to chose from for the month of November

  • Dubai in UAE
  • Instabul in Turkey
  • Phuket in Thailand
  • Prague in the Czech Republic in Europe
Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

The first step is to choose the month of Honeymoon Travel I chose November 🙂

If I changed the month to April in the same budget my options were Bali in Indonesia and Istanbul in Turkey. So the tool is pretty responsive and saves not only lots of time for you but as it gives you the most cost-effective destination for the month you end up saving money and visit the best possible destination in your budget.

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

The Honeymoon destinatons are suggested as per the month and budget of the couple


Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

If you change the budget the destinations suggested change accordingly


Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

As you increase the budget your options increase accordingly and you have more places to chose from

As I increased the budget the planner gave me more options around the world and it was fun to play with the same to chose the best possible destinations.


But this is just the beginning of the fun, the real utility of the tool is much beyond than just giving you the best places to travel for Honeymoon. Once you identify the city you want to visit at the click of a button you are taken to the destination homepage that gives you the information that one is looking for e.g

  • Approximate flight cost 
  • Best places to get Indian food
  • Best places to get local food
  • What are the best activities to do at the destination besides the honeymoon 😛
  • Useful information like VISA requirement etc


Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

What to do in Maldives? No problem the planner has the information

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

Craving for Indian Food in Maldives? No problem the planner has you covered 🙂

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

Flights to Dubai? or looking for what to do in Dubai? Just click on the tabs to get the information

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

If you plan to book flights to a destination you can do so with a click of mouse

The same interface can take you to book your flight tickets and hotel booking all through within the globally trusted Expedia website that offers the best possible rates. Once you have made up your mind you can just book your tickets and hotels etc. at the click of a mouse within the Expedia site that accepts Indian currency also.

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

The Expedia Best Honeymoon Destinations Planner takes care of your flights and hotel bookings

Now all that is wonderful but the most fun part was discovered by me when I was hovering over Paris as I and wife jee want to visit the same for our Second Honeymoon. After all, why should only newly married couple should go on Honeymoon? We much married couples can also use this tool to go for a vacation / Honeymoon :). So coming back to my dream to visit Paris, what I discovered while hovering over Paris tab was that the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan had gone for his honeymoon with his wife Gauri Khan to Paris. Now that was a big news for me for I always was under impression that he may have gone to Switzerland as that is where most of his earlier movies were filmed.

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Indian Couples

What is a Honeymoon if it does not let you live your Bollywood Fantasies?

Same way each of the Honeymoon destinations shows the Bollywood connection of the place and tells you which celebrity had been to the place. Now if you are like me and most Indians you will know that we desi Travelers love to relive our Bollywood fantasies and each and every Bollywood destination is nothing short of a pilgrimage place for us. We love to pose at the same place where our favorite stars have been. No wonder all the tourism departments love to invite Bollywood directors to shoot movies in their country as the desi Travelers are taking over the world one Honeymoon at a time.

So what are you waiting for? Are you getting married or is somebody in your family getting married and looking for the best Honeymoon destination? Well tell them about the ” Expedia Best Honeymoon Destinations” and they will thank you for it. As for me I have just bookmarked the site and will forward the same to all the cousins/nephews/neighbors etc. so that they can plan there dream honeymoon without the help of desi Traveler, I suggest you do the same.


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  1. I remember my 2007 honeymoon, nothing planned just dive into the madness. It was a disaster in terms of money spent and not enough fun. Wasted a lot when with the same could have gone to a better destination. Wish this site was available then 🙁

  2. I think this post is telling me something. I’ve been solo traveling for three years, but I’m ready to have a partner, and planning a honeymoon will definitely be in the cards. I usually use Skyscanner and Kayak, but you give really good information for Expedia, and I’m willing to give them a try. I have used them for car rentals in the past to get the best rates.

  3. This looks really easy to use. I like how they have suggestions that a just a little outside the box. I have friends who would love to use this tool since they can never decide where they want to go.

  4. Prasad sir, as usual another awesome post with so many details.i completely agree that we have five seasons and trust me this fifth season is much important for us Indians. Post is at right time for me as now I have donned the cap to suggest honeymoon destination to my sister in law who is going to get married in few months. 🙂
    I will check this out for it looks a complete package for honeymoon planning.

  5. I didn’t realize that Expedia had a honeymoon idea/planning site like this! Such a cool feature. My husband and I are coming up on our 10th wedding anniversary next summer, so our honeymoon is long gone, but this would be fun to look at for an anniversary trip! Will have to check it out for sure. It could even be useful for regular trip planning to find a spot in a certain budget and at a good time of year! Thanks for sharing this—I’ll play around with it for sure. And I bet it makes your life easier when suggesting honeymoon spots to your family, too!

    • Hi Jenna: Congrats in advance for your 10th anniversary…I agree this tool really helps in zeroing down the destinations and suggest them to friends and family..

  6. I’ll have to check out this tool. Looks super intriguing and useful. I’ll be getting married soon so a honeymoon is definitely on my radar.

  7. Wow in depth analysis of HM destinations! There are people who do lot of research for this occasion. For me all occasions need such study. I would love to go to all these places and have HM again and again. 🙂

  8. I think I’ll get married again

  9. This is a fabulous tool – I suppose you can use it to book ‘normal’ holidays as well, not just honeymoons? I love the drag & drop feature, it is so much easier to see everything in the same place! Hmmm I might just have to start planning my dream honeymoon – wedding or not!!

  10. I’ve already had my honeymoon a few years ago, but I love this tool! I am going to use it to plan my next romantic vacation with my husband. I’m so pleased I read your article to find out about this!

  11. This feature got released little too late for me to use!

  12. Wow, I did not know you could do this with Expedia! And I think it could be used for other purposes as well, like a getaway. Thanks for sharing this!

  13. hahaha! I loved the beginning, wedding season the 5th season.. so true 😛 Although this post is mainly centered around honeymoon which is of no use to me, but i’ll check it out for solo traveling.. I hope it’ll help me 😀

  14. It was very helpful
    thank you for sharing

  15. Nice way to arrive at an estimated cost, whether it is for a honeymoon or otherwise! Thanks for the detailed ‘How to’!

  16. Love the flashback bit…I think islands are one of the favourites for honeymoon destinations.

  17. My students usually remember when they are about to get married, and they want me to recommend a place for their honeymoon! The tool looks like a great place to start!

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