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A Picture from Bijapur: Scooter in front of Ibrahim Rauza

Adil Shahi dynasty was one of the 5 Deccan Sultanates that were formed after splintering of Bahmani Sultanate, the first Islamic dynasty in South India that shaped the history of Deccan for centuries.  Even the Qutub Shahi Emperors  of Golconda were originally generals of the Bahmani Sultans.  But this post is about the Adil Shahi tomb Ibrahim Rauza, built by the 5th Sultan of the Bijapur for himself.  While I work on a detailed post on the same let me share this picture of the bright yellow scooter in front of the Ibrahim Rauza.

As my fellow photographers entered the tomb considered as an inspiration for the Taj, I was admiring the clouds changing shapes over the domes.  One of the things with monument pictures is that they almost all look the same.  So I always try to add a different element to my pictures of monuments. So here to I was wondering what to do. This is when I saw this guy walking to his bright yellow scooter. I quickly assumed he will be leaving and  I waited in front of the monument composed my shot and waited for him to pass in front of me. The moment he appeared at the right spot I pressed the shutter. As I was looking into the screen how the picture came, the guy came back and I was like, ” Boy this guy seems to be pissed that I clicked his picture and was thinking of what to say when he comes to me.”

Ibrahim Rauza Bijapur

Scooter in front of Ibrahim Rauza Bijapur Karnataka

But lo and behold, the guy came back on his scooter and smiled at me and said, ” Sorry sir, I hope I have not spoiled your shot.” I was not sure what to say, but in the mean time he smiled and zipped again on his bright yellow scooter, normally you will associate with streets of Rome. ( I am a big fan of Gregory Peck, not that I do not admire Audrey Hepburn, for those of you wondering where did Rome came in this post on Bijapur click here.

Any ways long story short, I got my shot and the guy actually who made my picture thought he ruined it !

Oh and BTW, Bijapur is the place where I clicked a picture of this Lambada Tribe Man who are spread across Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and are considered closely related/descended from nomadic Banjara tribe from Rajasthan, hence a very similar dress sense, though they do not speak Hindi anymore.

Also check  my post about Bidar Fort, where another of the major Deccani Sultanates ruled from.

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  1. Yellow Dio.. nice capture!

  2. How cool that you work at making the photos not so perfect.

  3. Great skies, Prasad!

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