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Featured Story of the Month in Ghumakkar: Life in Backwaters of Kerala

Well some of you are aware that I sometime contribute to the largest multi author travel blog from India ( readership and author wise)- Ghumakkar, which literally means a  Traveler.  You will remember that Ghumakkar was part of  the best Hindi travel blogs of India list that I compiled ( Ghumakkar publishes stories both in Hindi and English)

A few weeks ago I contribute a story about Life in the backwaters of Kerala for Ghumakkar and was happy to see it accepted by Nandan Jha the founder of Ghumakkar.  I came home today after a jaunt  to pleasantly find an email from Vibha Malhotra the editor of Ghumakkar that my post about the Life in the Backwaters of Kerala is  ” Featured Story of the Month in Ghumakkar for May 2014″.  Now some of the very best travel writers both in Hindi and English write for Ghumakkar and I can not tell you how happy I am for this honor given to my post and wanted to share this will all readers of desi Traveler.

Well without taking much of your time here is the story that I wrote for Ghumakkar:

Life in Backwaters of Kerala


Kerala is  one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is blessed with high mountains, beautiful coastlines, dense rainforest, aromatic tea, coffee and spice plantations. The cultural heritage of Kerala goes back thousands of years, but one aspect of Kerala that I liked most during my recent trip was the backwaters in Kerala. Though you have backwaters in places like Trivandrum, Kollam etc. also it is in Alleppey that you find the labyrinth of the densest network of lakes, lagoons, canals and rivers that is unparalleled in the world.

Luxury House boat Kerala Backwaters Alleppey

A Luxury Houseboat in the placid backwaters of Kerala

Indeed a lot of people like to call Alleppey (official name Alappuzha) as the Venice of India. I was in Alleppey last month and was fortunate enough to experience the unique life that people in the area lead.  As there is waterways everywhere of all sizes, people have adapted to the same just like fish to water. We took a few houseboats as well as small boat rides in the backwater and the experience was an eye-opener. Nowhere in India are people so much adapted to a life of using canals and boats in their day-to-day life as in backwaters of Kerala, which is also the home of famous snake boat race.

Please do read rest of the story here on Ghumakkar about life in Backwaters of Kerala, that appeared as Featured Story of The Month for May 2014

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  1. Kerala is indeed such a beautiful place, however, when I had been there, I missed experiencing the backwaters. Your post is such a wonderful mirror to all of that. Loved reading the photo essay, love the pace at which life moves there. Beautiful stories, great post!

    Also congrats on featuring in Ghummakar 🙂 I have read stories on the site before but never knew that they accepted contributions too. Will check out more on this now, thanks for the heads-up.

    • Thanks Arti. I would sure highly recommend visiting backwaters in Kerala on your next visit, it is a surreal experience.
      As for Ghumakkar, they are indeed the largest multi author travel blog in India and I do sometime write for Ghumakkar.

  2. Reminded me of my visit to Aleppi ( Alappuzha) a few years ago..wonderful.. 🙂

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