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Loi Krathong Celebrations at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi

As I mentioned in my earlier post Loi Krathong  festival is a visual delight and surreal experience, as  you watch thousands of lamps in small bouquets or Krathongs floating in the Chao Phraya River in the heart of Bangkok.  There are many cultural activities organised for the festival like Thai dance drama based on Hindu and Buddhist epics. While the celebrations in Thailand happen nationwide with tourists and travelers enjoying the lights and fireworks.  But just like we Indians celebrate our festivals around the world Thai people also love to celebrate their festivals like Loi Krathong wherever they are.  So this week a small select gathering was invited by TAT New Delhi ( Tourism Authority of Thailand , New Delhi Office ) to Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel on NH 8 in Delhi.

Loi Krathong Festival

Loi Krathong Celebrations

Since I have already written a detailed blog post about how Loi Krathong is celebrated in Thailand, let me focus on the evening  celebrations at the Radisson Blu Plaza.

Thanks to traffic I reached a bit late and the festival celebrations have already started and a special Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) performance was happening on stage.  Thai Kick boxers are some of the fittest sportsmen in the world and we could see even in demo how agile and powerful the two boxers were. And yes those 6 packs are real no Photoshop work, like some of our Bollywood stars  here.

Muay Thai kick boxing demo

Muay Thai performance

Muay Thai Kick Boxing performance

Those Six packs are real not photoshopped

The Kick boxing demo was followed by a beautiful dance performance by Thai Classical Dancers, who looked as if they have directly taken a flight from some fairy land to showcase a part of Thai culture in India. Though I have seen Thai dance performances in past, this was the first time I was so close to the stage ( only about 3 rows of head were ahead of me ). The movements in Thai Classical dance are very subtle and the dancers move very gracefully as the music and song take the story forward.

Thai Classical dance drama

Thai Classical dance performance for Loi Krathong

Thai Classical dance drama

Thai Classical dance has very subtle graceful movements

Thai drum beats on festival

Celebrating Loi Krathong with drum beats

Miss Loi Krathong

Miss Loi Krathong was carried on a palanquin

The Classical dance performance ended with a decorated long drum procession where Miss Loi Krathong was carried on a palanquin to the pool site where she invited the guests to release the candle lit krathongs in the pool waters of the Radisson Blu Plaza.

Thai dancers back stage

Thai Classical dancers greeting the guests

Loi Krathong celebrations

A Loi Krathong ready to be floated

As the evening had around 200 guests on the pool side lawns of the hotels, the guests queued up to float the Krathongs in the water.  Soon the pool of the Radisson Hotel became a playground of the little krathongs, leisurely floating as the candle lights flickered and waved at their own reflections in the gentle waves of the pool created by guests trying to make sure their Krathongs travel far and wide. ( Which in this case was the deep end of the pool  🙂  )

a man floats Loi Krathong

Floating a Loi Krathong in water

Floating a Loi Krathong in water

Krathongs on their journey carrying prayers

As the guests were busy floating the Krathongs in the water, I was busy clicking pictures of the Krathongs and the activity around pool. It is fun to click pictures in the night of the floating krathongs as they slowly start moving together bonded by some sacred pact to stay together come rain or shine.

Loi Krathong light in water

The Radisson pool was soon shimmering with little lights

As the pool was covered with the little lights and the guests were seen looking at their floats to see how far it can go.  Their little game was interrupted by the announcement that dinner is served and authentic by Thai cuisine by Neung Roi Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Plaza was waiting for us.

Thai Yellow Sticky rice with coconut Khao Niwe Leung

Thai Fruits and desserts including Khao Niwe Leung

Needless to say I enjoyed my authentic Thai dinner but as always my focus in any meal is on the desserts and after the spicy Thai food, the desserts were highly sought after.  For the record I clicked some pictures of the fruits and my favorite dessert of the evening – Khao Niew Leung  ( Thai Yellow Sticky Rice with Sweetened Coconut ). Question to the reader : How can somebody resist a dessert whose first name is Khao  🙂 🙂  ??

Overall an evening well spent and I met some of the other fellow bloggers in the evening like contest queen Manjulika Pramod, the poet cum traveler Nisha Jha, blogging guru  Mridula Dwivedi and direct dil say blogger  Akanksha Dureja .

Note about Loi Krathong by TAT New Delhi:

Loi Krathong is one of the most picturesque and most romantic festivals of Thailand, falling on the night of full moon of the 12TH lunar (usually in November). People gather around lakes, rivers and canals to pay respects to the goddess of water by launching of the Krathong “container shaped like lotus blossom made of banana leaves containing a candle, incense sticks, flower and coins” into the water. Couples come together to float their Krathong and make a wish. It is believed that Krathong that float on the water carry happiness and prosperity, as well as taking away misery. 

This year the actual  date of  full moon  night of the 12th lunar  is  25th November 2015, Thais throughout  the country  celebrate  Loi Krathong  on 24th-25th November 2015

Loi Krathongs in water

The Krathongs huddle together on their sacred journey

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  1. Wow looks amazing! I am sure it must have been a fun filled evening! Nice photos

  2. It was nice to bump into you. Loved the post, as always. Loved the pictures even more 🙂

  3. Hi Prasad,

    I missed seeing you at the event. My bad 🙁

    New post on the blog: Celebrating Loi Krathong Festival in Delhi – The Most Picturesque and Romantic Festival of Thailand



    Just like Deepavali, the Loi Krathong festival is also hailed as the ‘festival of lights’ and is celebrated throughout Thailand every year on the evening of twelfth lunar month. This year, it will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 25, 2015.

    Having spent a significant amount of time in South Korea, I couldn’t help but draw similarities with the Lotus Lantern Festival, which is held every year in the honor of Lord Buddha’s birth.

    In Thai, ‘Loi’ means ‘to float’ and ‘Krathong’ refers to ‘a Lotus shaped container that floats on water’.

    The festival holds a romantic significance in the lives of Thai couples who come together on this auspicious day to float their krathongs in the river. By doing so, they pay homage to the God of river, ask for forgiveness for polluting waters, and pray for good luck, health and prosperity. Once the water all across becomes live with candlelight, it is truly a sight to behold.

    For someone like me who is curious to know about different cultures, it was a joy to celebrate the Loi Krathong festival with the amazing Thai people. Beyond doubt, this seems to be one of the most picturesque and romantic festivals of Thailand.


    Rahul Prabhakar

  4. everything looks colorful 🙂

  5. Lovely captures. It was nice to peep into Thai culture and celebrate a new festival, similar to Diwali.
    I like the ‘contest queen’ tag but it was only meant for 2014. 🙂
    It is always wonderful to meet you Sir and this one was a wonderful gathering where the like minded met and celebrated a Thai festival.

  6. Those lamps on water — can’t help getting attracted to that sight. So beautiful.
    So are the dancers. These pics make me want to hear all the music and the sounds of Loi – Krathong.
    Thank you for more pictures.

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